Every dog owner and animal lover wants nothing but for pets to grow happy and healthy. And a responsible fur parent will make time to find the balanced diet that properly suits their pets. Here, we have a list of the 8 “superfoods” that are recommended by vets to improve a dog’s overall health.


Seedless apples do not just make a perfect treat for your pup. Apples are high in fiber that is great for a canine’s health. On top of that, apples also help maintain the cleanliness of their teeth and aids in improving their breath. For being such a good boy or girl, reward them with a few apple slices.




Carrots are great source of vitamins and several minerals. The beta–carotene in carrots converts into Vitamin A that promotes bone health and development, vision improvement and enhances skin and coat color. In addition, carrots promote regular bowel movement and can help cure canine constipation.


Active dogs benefit the most since bananas play a significant part in diet enhancement. The natural sugar in bananas rapidly metabolizes that boosts and provide additional energy. Before going for some long walk or an exercise in the park, toss some bananas on your dog’s bowl. A few slices after a strenuous activity will also help replenish their electrolytes.

Sweet potatoes

High in fiber and rich in natural sugars, sweet potatoes provide just the right quantity of sweetness for the necessary antioxidants that dogs need. Not only do pups love the taste but sweet potatoes are known to help in prevention of certain cancer types.


Another food that has the cancer–fighting properties are broccoli. The lutein helps protect your pup’s eyes. In addition, broccoli are also rich in fiber, potassium and calcium.


Kelp or Laminariales provide iodine, vitamin A, folic acid, and calcium. Vets also recommend kelp to improve energy and boost a dog’s immune system. If your dog needs to lose a few pounds, adding kelp in its diet will aid the weight loss.


Quinoa has fiber content that’s generally higher than most grains. It also has very high protein content and embodies all the essential amino acids. Quinoa is also easier for dogs to digest. So if you are thinking of some great meal base, this is the grain to purchase.

Local raw honey

Honey is good not just for humans but also for dogs. A small amount of pollen in raw honey increases dogs’ tolerance on seasonal allergens. Those that have sensitive skin have also experienced some incredible improvements. But make sure not to provide them too much honey, a teaspoon a day should be enough.

While the list provided in here are all vet–approved and vet–recommended to feed your dogs, make sure to take a seat and have a talk with your vet before you make any changes on your dog’s diet. As with anything new that you wanted to try feeding your pup, more than educating yourself, a responsible owner will always make sure to consult the vet.



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