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The Best Washable Dog Blankets Reviewed

Just like humans, dogs want comfort and warmth. A washable dog blanket will go a long way towards providing the warmth and coziness that your pooch loves. And with the cold winter months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to ensure your four-legged friend stays warm and comfortable.

The best washable dog blankets

Here we review some of the best washable dog blankets available:

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (Our Top Choice)

Why we like it

The PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is a great, all-round washable dog blanket. It’s strong and durable, yet lightweight, weighing just 200g.

The blanket is extremely soft on both sides, machine washable, easy to care for, and lightweight enough that it will dry quickly.

As with the SORKUT Premium Fleece Pet Blankets reviewed elsewhere in this article, the double-sided coral velvet has a beautiful texture and is very hard-wearing. It’s also very comfortable.

Dog hair sticks well to the blanket, so you shouldn’t have any problems keeping pet hair off furniture, beds and upholstery.

When you first purchase this blanket, the colored polka dots on it can be a bit rough and stiff, but they should soften up after two or three washes.

This machine washable dog blanket is the perfect size for a medium sized dog bed, or for a medium to large crate.

Summary: The PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is easily one of the best buys on the market. It’s strong, durable, lightweight, does not easily pill, and considering the very affordable price, represents excellent value for money.

You’d be very hard pushed to find a better all-round machine washable dog blanket for the money.

PetFusion Premium Dog Blanket – Reversible Micro Plush

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Why we like it

The PetFusion Premium Dog Blanket is the perfect sized washable dog blanket for small dogs and medium dogs.

It’s made from 100% polyester micro plush, which means it can be used in all 4 seasons, won’t rip easily, and it’s ultra soft and cozy. It washes well and dries quickly.

Another advantage of the polyester micro plush is that it’s water resistant and water (and other liquids) won’t easily seep through the material. It’s 200 GSM, making it lightweight, but durable.

The reversible double layer means that you can choose whether to have the blanket as a dark tone or a light tone, as the mood takes you (or your dog!)

Again, just watch which size you order, as the information on Amazon lists this washable dog blanket (the medium size) as being suitable for medium to large dogs, whereas in our opinion, it is much better suited for small to medium dogs. A minor point, perhaps, but an important one.

Summary: The PetFusion Premium Dog Blanket is a great quality washable dog blanket. It is super soft, and is extremely comfortable and warm, but not too hot.

It’s very good value for money and would be ideal as a dog blanket for crates, or as a bit of extra protection and comfort for a mattress in a smaller sized dog bed.

PETMAKER Waterproof Dog Blanket – Machine Washable Soft Plush Throw

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why we like it

The PETMAKER Waterproof Dog Blanket is, as its name suggests, a waterproof washable dog blanket. It’s a very high quality dog blanket that is extremely easy to clean and care for.

It can be machine washed in cold water and can even be tumble dried on a low setting, making it super convenient for your busy lifestyle.

It’s fully reversible and is made from 250 GSM solid flannel (soft plush) on one side and 230 GSM fuzzy Sherpa on the other.

Sherpa is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to fleece, being very similar to real sheep’s wool, but lighter in weight, much less bulky, and faster drying.

Summary: The PETMAKER Waterproof Dog Blanket is a fantastic product. It’s versatile, providing excellent protection from stains, spills, and pet fur. It’s super easy to clean and care for.

It’s warm, comfortable and fully reversible. It’s affordable and great value for money. And it’s about as close to being completely waterproof as you’re going to get in a washable dog blanket at this price point.

SORKUT Pack of 3 Puppy Blankets

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Why we like it

The SORKUT Pack of 3 Puppy Blankets are incredibly soft and fluffy and your dog will love rolling around on them.

They are definitely good quality, if a little on the thin side. They are really easy to wash, and dry quite quickly.

The texture of the double-sided coral velvet is beautiful and the blanket is very comfortable.

For a large size, at 41 x 31 inches, these washable dog blankets are somewhat on the small side, being more akin to a medium size offered by many other brands, so do watch out for that.

On the plus side, their smaller size means that they are ideal dog blankets for small dogs. And they’re neat, versatile and compact, so you could use this dog blanket for your car back seat, or for a small crate, for example.

They also represent excellent value for money, as for less than $30, you get not just 1, but 3, good quality, warm, comfortable blankets for your gorgeous furry friend!

Summary: The SORKUT Pack of 3 Puppy Blankets are a great buy, if you’re looking for general, all-purpose, washable dog blankets. They’re soft, fluffy, comfortable and versatile. And great value for money. Just don’t buy them for your Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog!

ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Super Soft Fleece Dog Blanket

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why we like it

The ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Super Soft Fleece Dog Blanket is an incredibly fluffy, washable dog blanket. It’s excellent quality, super easy to wash and dries reasonably quickly.

The super soft flannel fleece that the blanket is made from, is of extremely high quality.

This means that it is beautiful to look at and to touch and more importantly, is wonderfully comfortable and very warm.

The blanket provides excellent protection from scratching and clawing, so this is a fantastic choice of dog blanket for sofa protection and bed protection.

One thing to be aware of, is that, like the SORKUT blankets reviewed elsewhere in this article, it’s a bit small for its size. This is a dog blanket suitable for small to medium dogs.

If your pooch is on the larger side, just make sure that you order the large or extra large sizes that are available.

Summary: The ALLISANDRO 350 GSM Super Soft Fleece Dog Blanket is very well made. It’s super soft, with a really cute paw print design, and is supremely comfortable for sleeping on.

This is a wonderful washable dog blanket, suitable for dogs of all sizes.

PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why we like it

The PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket is a simply fantastic machine washable dog blanket.

With plush faux fur on one side and ultra-soft microsuede on the other, your gorgeous furry friend is guaranteed to sleep really, really well – this blanket is incredibly super-soft, cozy and wonderfully comfortable.

This lovely dog blanket is super easy to clean – you can even use cold water to machine wash it.

The PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket provides great protection against pet hair, dirt, spills and scratching damage. So your furniture, beds and upholstery will continue to look fantastic.

This is quite a heavy blanket (well over 2kg) and due to its large size, this dog blanket is ideal for medium dogs and for large dogs.

We do have one complaint: this blanket is so luxuriously soft and comfortable, that your dog may not want to cuddle with YOU as much any more!!

Summary: The PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket is an amazing machine washable dog blanket. It is incredibly well made, with an absolutely beautiful look and feel to it. It’s super-soft, cozy, really easy to clean and maintain, and ridiculously comfortable.

The price tag of in excess of $120 means that it won’t be in every dog owner’s budget, but if it’s in yours, then why not treat your furball to the ultimate in comfort and luxury? Believe us, your dog will thank you for it!


Ultimately, all purchasing decisions are an individual choice, and are down to personal preferences, the criteria that are most important to you, and your own budget.

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with any of the washable dog blankets featured in this review – they are all excellent in their own right and all represent great, if not fantastic, value for money. It just depends what you’re looking for and how much you can afford.

Having said that, our favorite of the bunch, by a dog’s paw, is the PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket.

The PupProtector Waterproof Dog Blanket is arguably a better blanket overall, as it’s completely waterproof and is the height of luxury, but it’s not within everybody’s budget, which is the main reason we’ve given it a lower mark than the PAWZ.

But it would definitely make a great Easter present for your beautiful four-legged friend!

We sincerely hope that you found our review useful and helpful, and that you enjoyed reading it at least half as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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