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Motorcycle dog carriers are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a dog parent, then you’ll want to share adventures with your furry friend.

And that includes when you’re out on your motorcycle.

When shopping for a dog carrier for a motorcycle, the first priority should always be your dog’s safety.

This is why it’s important to purchase only high quality products that provide the safety, comfort and protection that your pooch deserves.

In this review, we’ve looked at the best motorcycle dog carriers currently on the market in March 2022.

We hope that you find the review useful and helpful.

If you’re looking to take your dog hiking, rather than biking, then take a look at our recommendations for the best doggie backpack carriers in 2022.

Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager

The Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager is an excellent product, even if the name is not particularly catchy!

As well as being a really convenient way to carry a dog on a motorcycle, the Saddlemen also doubles as a cargo bag.

This clever motorcycle carrier for dogs includes two different mounting systems.

The first one is Saddlemen’s own versa-mount seat harness. The second is an adjustable sissy bar strap system.

Both mounting systems allow you to easily attach the Pet Voyager to your motorcycle’s sissy bar, seat or luggage rack.

There are lots of vents and access flaps, allowing you to provide lots of fresh air for your furball, whilst simultaneously giving easy access to your dog or your luggage.

The interior of the Saddlemen is fairly roomy. Inside you’ll find a bottom tray, which is removable and washable. There’s also a resting pad, providing your dog with some much-needed comfort.

Also included are food and water trays that stow neatly away.

A Fabulous Motorcycle Carrier For Dogs

This fabulous dog motorcycle carrier comes equipped with both a short internal leash and a long walking leash. The latter is perfect for doggie pit stops.

The leashes are attached to a sliding leash mount. This permits some freedom of movement to your dog, whilst ensuring that she is properly secured in the bag.

The Saddlemen Pet Voyager has a sturdy grip handle, allowing for safe and convenient carrying. It also includes backpack straps, meaning that you can easily carry this motorcycle pet carrier on your back.

The carrier’s mounting straps and sissy bar sleeves are quick and easy to disconnect. This means that the Saddlemen can be removed from your motorcycle in a matter of seconds.

Overall, the Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager is one of the best motorcycle dog carriers on the market in March 2022.

Kuryakyn Pet Palace

In our opinion, the Kuryakyn Pet Palace is the QUEEN of motorcycle dog carriers.

It comes in two sizes, one with a carrying capacity of 20 lbs and the other with a carrying capacity of 35 lbs.

Strong, rigid structural support is provided by a solid internal frame. So you can be assured that this motorcycle carrier for dogs offers first-class protection to your beloved pooch.

The Kuryakyn Pet Palace has lots of windows and access points.

The top window opens fully, allowing your furball to pop her head out. Then there are 4 mesh windows. These provide great ventilation and allow your dog plenty of viewing opportunities.

This superb dog motorcycle carrier has lots of different mounting options. You can easily and swiftly secure the Pet Palace to your motorcycle using multiple D-rings, adjustable straps, or the new sissy bar straps.

The Creme De La Creme Of Motorcycle Dog Carriers

Inside the carrier is a removable foam cushion that can be easily cleaned. The cushion provides a soft, comfortable ride for your favorite fur baby.

This carrier also boasts side-mounted carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap. So it’s easy to carry around with you when you’re not on the bike.

It has an incredibly durable construction. Your dog will certainly benefit from the UV-rated weather-resistant 1200 denier textile material that this fantastic motorcycle dog carrier is constructed from.

And it also comes with plenty of accessories, including a removable stash pouch, 2 dishes, and an adjustable internal leash.

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme of motorcycle dog carriers, then look no further than the Kuryakyn Pet Palace.

You won’t be disappointed. And your dog will love you for it!

A Demonstration Of The Kuryakyn Pet Palace

Adam Sandoval and his dog Scooter have notched up over 100,00 miles traversing the US from coast to coast. In doing so, Adam and Scooter have visited around 700 Harley-Davidson dealers and raised several hundred thousand dollars for charity.

An amazing and formidable pair! We salute them!

And they’ve done it all using the excellent Kuryakyn Pet Palace – the grand version.

You can find out more about their fantastic adventures and incredible achievements on Adam’s website.

And check out the following YouTube video for a great demonstration of the features and benefits of what, in our humble opinion (and Adam’s and Scooter’s too), is the best motorcycle dog carrier on the market.

As it says in the video, please note that the windshield is not included in the product. It is a custom modification. And Scooter seems to love it!

Come and take a look:

Adam Sandoval and his dog Scooter give a great demonstration of the Kuryakyn Pet Palace dog motorcycle carrier

Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier

This dog carrier for motorcycles is made from UltraMax fabric, and provides maximum UV protection.

The main compartment of the Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier is very spacious and can safely carry dogs that weigh up to 20 lbs.

There are two large side panels, which can both be unzipped. This allows plenty of airflow, to keep your pooch cool and well ventilated.

The carrier has a large lid opening, allowing you to easily get your dog into and out of the roomy interior.

The carrier lid has a very clever two stage zipper opening. If you open the first zip, then it only allows the outer flap to open, keeping the mesh closed for air flow.

This Dog Motorcycle Carrier Has Some Really Great Features

Then the second zip opens the mesh panel completely, allowing your beloved pooch to peek out, whilst remaining secured to the integrated leash.

The Rover Pet Carrier has quick-release straps, which are self-fastening. This allows you to quickly and easily mount the carrier to your motorcycle seat, the sissy bar, or to tour trunk racks.

The Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier has some really great features. It’s a popular product and is definitely one of the best motorcycle dog carriers currently available.

Kemimoto Motorcycle Dog Carrier

The Kemimoto Motorcycle Dog Carrier is a big beast of a pet carrier, capable of carrying dogs weighing up to 33 lbs.

Inside this spacious bag is almost 52 liters of volume.

With the size, comes strength and sturdiness. This large motorcycle carrier for dogs has a solid internal metal frame and a decent rigid base.

It looks stylish, whilst at the same time giving excellent protection to your favorite furball.

The Kemimoto has 4 breathable mesh panels, each with its own access flap. This allows plenty of fresh air into the carrier for your dog.

Inside the carrier is a removable foam cushion, which can be easily cleaned.

Also inside the bag is a snap hook, which you can use to hook up to your dog’s harness. The snap hook can also be used to secure the pet bowl and keep it in place.

There are also 3 handy storage pockets, for your pooch’s favorite snacks, toys, games and other accessories.

A Motorcycle Pet Carrier Designed For Touring Motorcycles

Due to its size and volume, this motorcycle pet carrier is designed for touring motorcycles, like the Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide and Electra Glide.

This fantastic motorcycle dog carrier comes complete with a pack that includes a removable stash pouch, a rain cover, 2 dishes and 5 adjustable straps.

As you would expect, installation instructions are included.

If you’re looking to carry a dog on a motorcycle, then the Kemimoto Motorcycle Dog Carrier is a great choice.

Goldfire Motorcycle Dog Carrier

The Goldfire Motorcycle Dog Carrier is a stylish motorcycle pet carrier, capable of carrying dogs up to 20 lbs in weight.

This carrier is made from UV-rated weather resistant 1680D textile material, so is pretty rugged.

It also comes with a removable rain cover – very handy for inclement weather.

There are several easy, secure ways to mount the carrier onto your motorcycle. The Goldfire comes with multiple D-rings, adjustable straps and sissy bar straps.

Both the mounting straps and the sissy bar sleeve are quick and easy to disconnect, meaning that it takes just seconds to remove the carrier from your motorcycle.

Multiple vents and access flaps allow easy access to your dog, or to your cargo. They also permit plenty of fresh air to circulate around your furry friend.

The Goldfire is fitted with a solid internal frame, giving great structural support to the carrier. It also means that your pooch is very well protected, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

A Motorcycle Dog Carrier Perfect For Small Or Medium Sized Dogs

Inside this dog motorcycle carrier, the doggie compartment is reasonably spacious. It includes a bottom tray and a resting pad, both of which are removable and washable.

In addition, there are food and water trays that stow neatly away in their own compartment.

Also included with the carrier are 2 foldable dog bowls, a removable stash pouch and the aforementioned rain cover.

An internal adjustable leash allows you to securely attach your dog to the inside of the motorcycle pet carrier.

This dog carrier for motorcycles also doubles as a great cargo bag.

As far as motorcycle dog carriers go, the Goldfire Motorcycle Dog Carrier would be a good choice for a small or medium sized dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Dog Carriers

How can I carry my dog on my motorcycle?

By far, the safest way to carry your dog on your motorcycle is to use a purpose-built motorcycle dog carrier. These carriers all have lots of safety features, such as internal adjustable leashes, that secure your dog to the inside of the carrier. Many of them also have handy accessories, such as foldable dog bowls, a water tray and a rain cover. And they usually have plenty of storage space, for all those doggie necessities!
See our comprehensive review of some of the top motorcycle dog carriers in 2022.
We DO NOT advise carrying your dog in a standard motorcycle bag, as it will NOT have features such as an internal leash and they are simply NOT designed for carrying dogs.

Is it safe to take a dog on a motorcycle?

With the appropriate equipment, such as purpose-built motorcycle dog carriers, yes, it is safe to take a dog on a motorcycle.
In fact, we DO NOT advise taking a dog on a motorcycle without the appropriate equipment, as doing so could endanger the lives of both you and your dog.
Also, always exercise due diligence and make sure to check your local motor vehicle laws beforehand. It may be against the law in some countries to take a dog on a motorcycle. And even when it is completely legal, there may still be additional rules and regulations that you need to follow, to keep both you and your dog safe and within the law.
NEVER do anything that is against your local motor vehicle laws. As well as breaking the law, you could easily be putting both you and your dog in great danger. As well as potentially endangering the lives of other members of the public. And ignorance of the law is no excuse.

How do you attach a pet carrier to a motorcycle?

All of the pet carriers for motorcycles that we have reviewed come with full installation instructions on how to attach the carrier to your motorcycle. The principles are often the same, as the carriers usually use the same 3 or 4 methods of attachment. These include multiple D-rings, adjustable straps and sissy bar straps.
However, do make sure to consult the carrier installation instructions, as they will be specific to the particular dog motorcycle carrier that you have purchased. There will likely be variations from product to product and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Do dogs need helmets?

In many countries, it is perfectly legal for your dog to travel with you on your motorcycle without a helmet.
However, in the interests of safety, we would ALWAYS advise you to use a proper dog helmet.
Although not designed to withstand the impact of a collision, dog motorcycle helmets are definitely better than nothing at all. And they’ll help to protect your pooch from flying road debris, such as small stones, and from minor bumps to the head.

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