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In this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe.

Straddling the border of the US states of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It’s a popular tourist destination and is famous for its beautiful beaches and top-class ski resorts.

It’s also a fantastic place to take your furball, as there are lots of Lake Tahoe beaches that allow dogs.

So the question that we all want to know the answer to is:

What Tahoe beaches allow dogs?

Dog-friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe include Coon Street Dog Beach, Patton Beach, Nevada Beach and the delightful Kiva Beach, to name just a few.

So come on in and join us on our exploration of some of the best dog beaches in Lake Tahoe – believe us when we say that you’re in for a real treat!

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Black and tan German Shepherd on a dog friendly beach in North Lake Tahoe (photo courtesy of Christina Keeler on Pexels)

North Lake Tahoe Dog Friendly Beaches

The dog friendly beaches North Lake Tahoe have a different feel and a different vibe to them, compared to the beaches in the south.

The North Shore of Lake Tahoe is generally regarded as going from Tahoe City to Incline Village.

This beautiful stretch of shoreline is just 16 miles in length. It takes just 30 minutes to drive from Tahoe City to Incline Village.

1. Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe is just off Highway 28, less than a mile south of Incline Village.

The parking lot for Hidden Beach is actually about a mile north of the beach itself.

The Tahoe East Shore Trail meanders its way alongside Highway 28 and hugs the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe.

The trail provides some stunning views of the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe.

And it’s along the Tahoe East Shore Trail that you’ll find the delightfully-named Hidden Beach.

At weekends, the parking lot at Ponderosa Ranch Road can get really busy, so arrive early to secure your spot.

Pack Everything That You And Your Pup Will Need!

There are few facilities at Hidden Beach, so make sure you pack everything that you and your pup will need for a great day out together at the beach!

Hidden Beach is pet friendly. Leashed dogs are welcome on this rocky beach all year round.

Although it can get really busy in the summer months, Hidden Beach is a beautiful dog friendly Lake Tahoe beach.

Hidden Beach zip code: Hidden Beach Plaza, Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, NV 89451

Hidden Beach website: Tons of info on Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe

2. Carnelian West

Carnelian West Beach is situated on the south side of North Lake Boulevard, directly opposite the Tahoe North Shore Lodge.

It’s located in Carnelian Bay, on the northwestern shore of Lake Tahoe.

The free public beach at Carnelian West is a little over 500 feet in length.

Amenities here are really good and include public restrooms, sitting areas, picnic tables, barbecue grills and a lovely shoreline promenade.

The parking lot adjacent to Gar Woods Grill & Pier provides free parking.

A Great Little Dog Friendly Lake Tahoe Beach

Leashed dogs are welcome all year round at Carnelian West Beach.

This is a gorgeous little beach and so far as dog friendly beaches in Tahoe go, Carnelian West Beach is up there with the best of them.

Carnelian West zip code: Carnelian West Beach, 5074 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

Carnelian West website: Info on Carnelian Beach West

Cherry the dog has a fantastic time at Patton Beach, a dog friendly beach in North Lake Tahoe (video courtesy of Byungsu ko on YouTube)

3. Patton Beach

Patton Beach is located literally on the other side of the jetty from Carnelian West Beach. The two beaches are just a short stroll from each other.

This small pebbly beach is home to Tahoe Waterman’s Landing, a delightful beachfront cafe, serving up coffee, beer and healthy snacks.

A parking lot is available, but it’s fairly small, with a limited number of parking spaces.

Facilities here include public restrooms, picnic tables and a wonderful nature trail.

A Fun Time For Dogs At Patton Beach in Lake Tahoe!

The water here is a beautiful turquoise color, and it’s also not too wavy.

Your dog will have lots of fun at Patton Beach, splashing around in the small, friendly waves!

For many dog parents, Patton Beach is the best dog beach on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

Patton Beach zip code: Patton Beach, 5166 North Lake Boulevard, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

Patton Beach website: Tons of info on Patton Beach in Lake Tahoe

Dog playing at the edge of the water on a North Lake Tahoe dog friendly beach
Dog playing at the edge of the water on a North Lake Tahoe dog friendly beach (photo courtesy of Juan Vargas on Pexels)

4. Coon Street Dog Beach

Coon Street Dog Beach is part of the Kings Beach State Recreation Area, often shortened to KBSRA.

The beach is located at the corner of Coon Street (Raccoon Street) and North Lake Boulevard (Highway 28).

This rocky public beach is a great place for walking your dog.

Restrooms are available on Coon Street Dog Beach.

Some of the dog beach terrain can be hard to navigate, due to the rocks.

Consequently, it is not handicap-accessible. It is also not recommended for either dogs or people that have issues with arthritis.

Dogs Must Be Kept On A Leash At Coon Street Dog Beach

Please note that dogs are only allowed on the rocky “dog beach” area to the south of the boat launch. There are signs around the beach, so do check that you and your pooch are in the right area.

To enjoy the dog beach, your pup must be on a leash that is 6 feet or shorter at all times.

There are some excellent amenities in the KBSRA. These include picnic tables, grills, group facilities, a playground, boat access and designated fishing areas (a fishing license is required).

Parking at Coon Street costs $10 for the day.

Coon Street Dog Beach zip code: Highway 28 at Raccoon Street (Lakeside), Kings Beach, CA 96143

Coon Street Dog Beach website: Info on Coon Street Dog Beach in Lake Tahoe

5. Donner Memorial State Park

Donner Memorial State Park is just a short 22-minute drive northwest from Coon Street Dog Beach.

This gorgeous state park is located in the scenic Sierra Nevada mountain range and sits at an elevation of around 6,000 feet above sea level.

It’s situated just outside the town of Truckee, California.

Incline Village to Truckee is less than 18 miles by road and takes just 30 minutes.

A short 3-mile drive west from Truckee on Interstate 80 brings you to Donner Memorial State Park.

The drive from Incline Village up to the state park is simply breathtaking.

Look For Signs Showing Easy Access To Donner Lake Beach

There’s lots to do in this wonderful place. Boating, fishing, hiking and camping are all activities that you and your pooch can enjoy together here.

Dogs aren’t allowed on ALL of the trails, so do look out for the signs.

You’ll also find dog entrance signs that show you easy access points to Donner Lake for both you and your pup.

This gorgeous California State Park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Donner Memorial State Park zip code: 12593 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA 96161

Donner Memorial State Park website: Tons of really helpful info on Donner Memorial State Park in California

Unfortunately, dogs are no longer allowed at the beach in Skylandia. However, we’ve decided to include this one anyway, as leashed dogs are still welcome in the park area.

6. Skylandia State Park & Beach

Skylandia State Park & Beach is located just 3 miles from Tahoe City.

This delightful California State Park covers an area of 24 acres.

There are two separate areas within Skylandia. There’s a park area, with some of the best views of Lake Tahoe that you can find.

And then there’s the beach area.

Leashed Dogs Are Welcome In The Park Area At Skylandia

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the beach area. Though leashed dogs are welcome in the park area.

The park itself offers picnic tables, grills and public restrooms. You’ll also find some beautiful hiking trails and bike trails in Skylandia.

Perfect for some refreshing exercise with your dog!

Just remember to please avoid going on the beach with your pooch.

Skylandia State Park & Beach zip code: 30 Manzanita Avenue, Tahoe City, CA 96145

Skylandia State Park & Beach website: Lots of useful info on Skylandia State Park & Beach in California

South Lake Tahoe Dog Friendly Beaches

There are plenty of dog friendly beaches in south Lake Tahoe for you and your pup to explore.

7. Regan Beach

The Thomas F Regan Memorial City Beach, more commonly known simply as Regan Beach, is situated in the town of South Lake Tahoe.

Regan Beach is barely half a mile away from El Dorado Beach.

Amenities at Regan Beach include a playground, an observation deck, a seasonal restaurant (open from Memorial Day through Labor Day), restrooms and free parking.

Splash Around At The Regan Beach Dog Water Park!

There is also a water dog park, which is located at the east end of Regan Beach. A fantastic place for your pup to have a good splash around!

Off-leash dogs are permitted only in the dog water park section of the beach.

Regan Beach zip code: 3199 Sacramento Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Regan Beach website: Tons of really useful info on Regan Beach in Lake Tahoe

Unfortunately, dogs are not actually allowed at Nevada Beach itself. However, we’ve decided to include this one anyway, as leashed dogs ARE allowed in the campground and picnic areas very close to the beach.

8. Nevada Beach

Less than a 15-minute drive from Regan Beach, and just over the California-Nevada stateline, is where you’ll find Nevada Beach.

Nevada Beach sits on National Forest land. It is a truly beautiful spot.

This half-mile-long stretch of gorgeous sandy beach offers stunning panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Dogs Are Allowed In The Campground And Picnic Areas At Nevada Beach

Dogs are not permitted on the beach itself, but ARE allowed in the campground and picnic areas. Just please make sure that your furry friend is on a leash at all times.

The parking lot for Nevada Beach is located close to the junction of Highway 50 (Lincoln Highway) and Kahle Drive.

The parking lot is free.

From the parking lot, it is approximately 1 mile to Nevada Beach, along the historic Lam Watah Trail.

Nevada Beach zip code: 416 Bittlers Road, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

Nevada Beach website: Lots of helpful info on Nevada Beach in Lake Tahoe

9. Timber Cove Marina

Timber Cove Marina, also known as Connelly Beach, is just 1 mile east of El Dorado Beach, on the outskirts of South Lake Tahoe.

The water here is shallow, so it’s great for wading and splashing around in.

There is limited on-site parking.

Connelly Beach Is Only Open To The Public In The Summer Months

Connelly Beach is only open to the public in the summer months, from June 1 through September 30.

During this time, the beach is open from sunrise to sunset.

Dogs are allowed on Connelly Beach during summer opening hours, as long as they are kept on a leash.

Timber Cove Marina (Connelly Beach) zip code: 3411 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Connelly Beach website: Lots of helpful information about Connelly Beach in Lake Tahoe

Syuzi the English Bulldog has lots of fun at Kiva Beach, a dog friendly beach in South Lake Tahoe (video courtesy of Syuzi English Bulldog on YouTube)

10. Kiva Beach

Kiva Beach is located on National Forest land, just 4 miles from the center of Lake Valley, California.

It is one of the best South Lake Tahoe dog beaches.

There’s not much sand at this beautiful California beach, but there is plenty of lush vegetation.

Kiva Beach is not as crowded as many of the other Lake Tahoe beaches and it’s a bit more secluded. So it’s a fantastic place to visit and explore with your furball!

Kiva Beach parking is plentiful and free.

To get to the parking lot, turn into Heritage Way (opposite Fallen Leaf Road) off Highway 89, then take the 1st left into Tallac Road.

Leashed Dogs Are Permitted East Of Tallac Point At Kiva Beach

From Memorial Weekend through Labor Day, portable restrooms are available in the Kiva Beach parking area.

The Kiva Picnic Area is very close to the Tallac Historic Site and is easily accessible.

At Kiva Beach, leashed dogs are permitted east of Tallac Point. Well-placed signs will point you in the right direction.

Thanks to its location and secluded feel, Kiva Beach is definitely one of the best South Lake Tahoe dog beaches.

Kiva Beach zip code: Tallac Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (please note that this is the Kiva Beach parking lot address – the beach itself is just a short walk from there)

Kiva Beach website: Tons of useful information about Kiva Beach in Lake Tahoe

Conclusion About The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Lake Tahoe

We hope that we have given you a good introduction to dog friendly Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and it is a truly stunning place to visit and explore.

Going to Lake Tahoe with dogs is a genuinely magical experience! Once you’ve visited this beautiful region, you’ll want to come back here again and again!

There are plenty of Lake Tahoe beaches that allow dogs. We’ve just given you a brief taster here.

Now go and have fun exploring the Lake Tahoe beaches with your dog!

If you’ve enjoyed finding out all about the wonderful Lake Tahoe beaches that allow dogs, then take a look at our comprehensive round-up of some of the best dog beaches in the US

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Lake Tahoe

Are dogs allowed on Lake Tahoe beaches?

Dogs are allowed on some, but not all, Lake Tahoe beaches. Some of the best dog friendly beaches in Lake Tahoe include Kiva Beach, Hidden Beach and Coon Street Dog Beach. Note that restrictions vary from beach to beach, so do your homework before you go to avoid disappointment.

Can dogs swim in Lake Tahoe?

Dogs are not allowed on any designated swimming beaches in Lake Tahoe. However, there are still plenty of beaches in Lake Tahoe where both you and your pup can enjoy the beautiful tranquil water.

Are dogs allowed on the beaches in North Lake Tahoe?

Dogs are allowed on some, but not all, of the beaches in North Lake Tahoe. Dog friendly North Lake Tahoe beaches include Carnelian West, Coon Street Dog Beach and Patton Beach.

Which beaches in South Lake Tahoe are dog friendly?

Dog-friendly beaches in South Lake Tahoe include Kiva Beach, Regan Beach, and Timber Cove Marina, also known as Connelly Beach.

Are dogs allowed at El Dorado Beach Lake Tahoe?

No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed at El Dorado Beach Lake Tahoe. However, dogs ARE permitted in the dog water park section of the beach at neighboring Regan Beach, just a half mile west of El Dorado Beach.

Is Chimney Beach dog friendly?

Yes, Chimney Beach is a dog friendly Lake Tahoe beach. It’s located on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe, in Nevada. Chimney Beach is just 7 miles south of Incline Village and a short 30-minute drive from Carson City.


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