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In this comprehensive review, we’re going to be looking at the best doggie backpack carriers that are currently on the market in 2022.

People often want to know if dog backpack carriers are bad for dogs. As long as you purchase a dog backpack carrier that is suitable for the size and weight of your dog, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, some dogs will take to the idea of being carried around in a doggie backpack more swiftly than others. Some pooches love it right from the start, whereas others take a while to get used to it.

And while many dogs will, at some point, come to enjoy the rest and relaxation that the backpack offers, some will just never take to it at all. In the same way that some human babies simply never want to be on their tummies and will resist all efforts to make them do so, so some dogs simply never want to be carried around in a backpack.

This is obviously something that you won’t know until you’ve actually tried your dog in one.

But for the most part, the majority of dogs are happy to let the backpack take the strain for a while!

When looking for backpacks to carry a dog in, there are lots of things to consider. Most importantly, though, is the size and weight of your dog. You want the doggie backpack carrier to be as warm and comfortable for your dog as possible.

Carrier backpacks for dogs are mostly worn on the back. However, these days, there are also lots of dog backpack carriers that are worn on the front. (Confusingly, often called front dog carrier backpacks!)

In this article, we’ve concentrated on dog carrier backpacks that are worn on the dog parent’s back.

If you’re into (motor)biking, rather than hiking, then take a look at our comprehensive review of the best motorcycle dog carriers currently on the market in 2022.


The K9 Sport Sack range of doggie backpack carriers is probably the most comprehensive, feature-packed and arguably, the best range out there.

Admittedly, it’s quite an expensive range, so will not be in every dog parent’s budget. But as with lots of things in life, you get what you pay for.

The original K9 Sport Sack came onto the market in 2011 and today there are 6 different models of backpack for you to choose from.

Our favorite is the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate, because it’s incredibly versatile and comes packed with lots of extra little features that the cheaper brands don’t have. It’s also super comfortable!

The Knavigate Backpack comes in 5 different sizes: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. It also comes in 2 different colors: lunar grey and midnight black.

The large K9 Sport Sack Knavigate is suitable for dogs that measure 20 to 23 inches in length and that have a girth up to 31 inches.

The typical breeds that can be comfortably carried in this large dog backpack carrier are Shelties, Corgis, Beagles and French Bulldogs.

The extra large version of the Knavigate is capable of carrying dogs that weigh up to 50 pounds.

All the backpack carriers in the Knavigate range feature both an internal frame and a lap belt, designed to provide your pooch with the extra support that it deserves.

In fact, the entire Sport Sack range has been designed and developed with both a professional dog trainer and an expert veterinarian.

This ensures that both you and your furball will benefit from a superior level of safety AND comfort.

Features of the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate

Some of the excellent features of the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate include ergonomic shoulder straps, a sternum strap, a padded back panel and mesh ventilation panels.

Four of the five available sizes also feature pet lumbar straps, which offer additional lower back support for your dog. All dogs will benefit from this feature, but especially those that suffer with arthritis or back pain.

The additional support is also great for dogs that are going through post-surgical recovery. And the lumbar straps aid with your pup’s comfort as well.

The only carrier size that doesn’t have the pet lumbar straps is the extra small size.

And for all those essential doggie accessories, the Sport Sack also has loads of storage, with several pockets at your disposal.

This is an excellent carrier backpack for dogs.

It’s an incredibly well-designed product and is extremely comfortable for both humans and dogs.

Oh, and if you want to take your furry companion abroad with you, then rest assured that the K9 Knavigate is an airline friendly pet carrier.

Though at the pricier end of the market, the comfort, design and well-thought-out features mean that it is fantastic value for money.

As we mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for. And with this beautiful, lightweight, front facing adjustable dog backpack carrier, yes, you will pay a lot. But you will get a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for a first-class backpack for carrying a dog, then in our opinion, the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate is the best doggie backpack carrier on the market.


If you’re looking for a backpacking dog carrier and you’re on quite a tight budget, then the YUDODO Dog Carrier Backpack is hard to beat.

It’s got lots of the same cool features that the more expensive doggie backpack carriers have, for a fraction of the price.

For example, the YUDODO has an adjustable neck strap, an adjustable safety buckle, non-slip zip closure, two side pockets and a front pocket.

The front pocket is perfect for your cell phone, or other similar small items.

It also boasts both front and rear reflective strips, which are a great idea. These help you and your pup to be seen more easily when you’re out and about.

This budget dog carrier backpack is available in two sizes – medium and large. And it’s available in five different gorgeous colors. Black, cyan, orange, pink and sky blue.

The medium version of this wonderful pet dog carrier is suitable for dogs weighing up to 10 lbs. The large version can accommodate pooches up to 14 lbs.

Features of the YUDODO Dog Carrier Backpack

The opening of the YUDODO Dog Carrier Backpack is fitted with a drawstring, so it’s easy to open and close. The handy drawstring design allows you to easily adjust the width, according to the size of your dog.

It has a soft bottom plate that helps to support your furball and make the ride more comfortable. This soft bottom plate is detachable.

For the comfort and convenience of the dog parent, this delightful doggie backpack carrier has a lovely thick padded shoulder strap. This helps to support the wearer’s shoulders, allowing you to carry your precious pup for longer, without feeling the strain too much!

The YUDODO is also versatile, as you can wear it either on your front or on your back – whichever way you find most comfortable.

The three pockets on this dog carrier allow for plenty of storage.

This budget dog backpack carrier is ideal for smaller dogs, such as poodles, pugs, Westies, Yorkies and Chihuahuas.

For around $40 for the large version, we believe the YUDODO Dog Carrier Backpack to be the best budget doggie backpack carrier currently available.


We have chosen the Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack as our best runner-up.

This sturdy hands-free pet backpack carrier has more handy features than you could shake a stick at!

This small dog hiking backpack is designed to carry dogs that weigh up to 25 lbs.

The Kurgo G-Train is a fantastic doggie backpack carrier that is both airline and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved.

It has a waterproof and muckproof Armosole bottom. The pack has a ventilated mesh front and also ventilated back and side panels.

There are top and front carrier handles and two water bottle sleeves. This allows you to carry plenty of liquid with you while you are out and about. So being thirsty should never be a problem!

The Kurgo G-Train is stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean. And it even has a removable, machine-washable interior pad.

The thick padded backpack straps are fully adjustable, for your comfort and convenience.

The Kurgo G-Train is Built for Adventures with Your Pup

This dog carrier backpack is most definitely built for adventures with your pup! Your furry friend can sit and relax in one compartment, whilst there is a separate compartment to take all your belongings.

And for extra storage, there are also zippered organization pockets. These pockets are ideal for your doggie essentials, such as poop bags, sunscreen wipes for dogs, a tick pick, a dog bottle, and of course some yummy doggie treats!

This doggie backpack carrier has soft padded compartments for both your dog and your belongings, yet is also tough, rugged and lightweight. So you’ve got the best of both worlds!

One great thing about the G-Train is that it easily transforms from a pack to a carrier with stowaway straps.

In this way, you can easily take it on an airplane as hand luggage. An extremely useful feature of this excellent and versatile backpack dog carrier.

This really IS a great bit of kit!

The Kurgo G-Train is available in two styles – new packaging and old packaging. And it’s available in four different colors – black, chili red, ink blue and navy blue.

In our opinion, the Kurgo G-Train K9 Backpack is definitely one of the best doggie backpack carriers on the market and is more than worthy of the runner-up position.


When it comes to choosing the best backpacking dog carrier for under $100, we’ve gone for the K9 Sport Sack Air 2.

This fantastic piece of equipment can safely carry dogs that weigh up to 30 lbs (13 kg).

The large model is suitable for dogs that are between 20 and 23 inches (between 51 and 58 cm) in length and that have a girth up to 31 inches, or up to 79 cm.

The feature-packed K9 Sport Sack Air2 comes in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium and large. And it’s available in 4 different colors – charcoal grey, jet black, tropical and summer mint.

Features of the K9 Sport Sack Air 2

The Air 2 comes with all the essential safety and comfort features that we’ve come to expect from the K9 range.

It’s made with durable Cordura fabric and has mesh venting panels on the side for maximum breathability.

And there are straps galore on this dog carrier backpack – angled cinch straps, ergonomic shoulder straps, upper and lower lumbar straps and a sternum strap.

Both you and your pooch are bound to enjoy the comfort and support that all these straps provide!

There’s also a padded resting base and 2 side pockets, so there’s plenty of storage.

Inside the backpack is a carabiner safety clip, allowing for easy hook-up to your dog’s collar.

If you’re looking for a well-made, feature-packed doggie backpack carrier for under $100, then you can’t go wrong with the K9 Sport Sack Air 2.


If you’re on a fairly tight budget and you want a decent backpack for carrying a dog, then we highly recommend the COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack.

The COVONO has a clever rear expandable design, which means that the space inside the backpack can actually be doubled.

As well as increasing the air circulation, this also gives your dog a bit more freedom to move around.

It has a large transparent acrylic window, providing your pooch with an excellent view out. The window also allows you to easily check on your furry friend.

This well-designed doggie backpack carrier has 4 entrances. There are openings at the front and back, as well as 1 each on either side of the pack. This makes it very easy to put your dog into the pack and get her back out again.

At the bottom of the backpack is a hard wooden board, with a soft foam board on top, and then a cozy washable fleece mat on top of that. Luxury for your dog!

The COVONO Has A Sturdy Ergonomic Design

The COVONO has a sturdy ergonomic design and boasts a sternum strap and waist straps, as well as adjustable padded shoulder straps.

It has an incredible super ventilated system, with a total of 3 breathable mesh windows and 9 ventilating holes. This provides plenty of air for your pup.

The main backpack itself is made of high quality Oxford cloth, which is a basic even weave fabric, derived from slightly thicker yarn fibers. It’s a durable, lightweight fabric, that adds to the comfort of this quality product.

The COVONO is available in just 1 size, capable of safely carrying dogs weighing up to 18 lbs. It comes in a choice of 3 colors – black, blue and grey.

Please note that both the black and blue models are usually a couple of dollars more expensive than the grey model, which sometimes takes this product just over the 50 dollar mark.

Due to its versatility and clever design, the COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack is definitely one of the best doggie backpack carriers under $50 currently available on the market.


So you’ve got a budget of just $25. Perhaps $30 at a push. Can you still get a good doggie backpack carrier?

Sure, you bet you can!

Let us introduce you to the Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack.

This great budget dog carrier backpack still has plenty of features, despite its small price.

You’ve got adjustable padded shoulder straps, to help take the strain off your back and shoulders. It’s got 2 side zippers, to allow easy access in and out for your dog.

Then there are the quick release buckles on the end of the straps, which makes it super easy to get your pooch in and out of the backpack.

It’s got a breathable mesh and a thoughtful tail-out design.

Pawaboo has recently made some improvements to their pet carrier backpack – they’ve thickened the shoulder straps and have upgraded the breathable mesh and polyester fiber material.

This makes the carrier more comfortable and more durable.

The Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack is Lightweight and Portable

Thanks to the improvements, this dog backpack carrier is lightweight and portable. You can enjoy a hands-free outing with your dog whilst hiking or biking, or just out and about in the city or countryside.

This hands-free pet carrier can be worn either on your front or back – whichever is more convenient and comfortable for you and your furry friend.

The Pawaboo is available in 4 different sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. And incredibly, it comes in a bewildering choice of 13 different colors and designs! Yes, really, 13!

And here they are: black, red, blue, pink, blue and white stripes, colorful strips, deep camouflage black, gray, blue marble, purple marble, lake blue, purple, and lemon. Whew – we’re exhausted! 🙂

In our humble opinion, the Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack is easily one of the best doggie backpack carriers under $25 currently available on the market.


There are several alternatives to doggie backpack carriers currently available in 2022. One of the most popular of these is the dog carrier sling. And there are quite a few of these on the market.

In our opinion, the best of these is the YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier.

The YUDODO is suitable for smaller dogs weighing up to 14 lbs, such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Miniature Schnauzers and Yorkshire Terriers.

This well-designed dog papoose carrier features an extra-wide padded shoulder strap. This helps to reduce the pressure and strain on your back and shoulders when carrying around your furry friend.

It’s made of breathable mesh fabric, giving your pooch a more comfortable ride.

Inside the dog carrier sling is an adjustable safety belt, with a safety hook that can be connected to your dog’s collar. This helps to ensure your dog’s safety and prevents her from jumping out of the sling.

A Comfortable Fit For All Dog Parents

The dog sling itself is very portable and lightweight, weighing just 0.75 lbs. And it has a fully adjustable shoulder strap, which measures between 38.6 and 46.5 inches long. So it should be a comfortable fit for dog parents of all different sizes, both small and large.

The YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier comes in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large. And the large model comes in a choice of 6 different colors – black reflective, blue, cyan, orange reflective, pink, and pink black.

Both the small and medium models have an even greater variety, when it comes to the color! Along with the 6 colors mentioned above, you can also opt to have your dog sling carrier in black all, brown reflective, gray, green, and sky blue.

That’s a total of 11 different color options!

At the time of writing (February 2022), this fabulous alternative to a doggie backpack carrier will set you back around $40 for the large model.

So if you’re looking for adventures with smaller dogs weighing up to 14 lbs, then the YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier is for you.


Are dog backpacks carriers bad for dogs?

As long as you purchase a dog backpack carrier that is suitable for the size and weight of your dog, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Many of the more expensive carriers on the market have been designed with the help of veterinarians, or are veterinarian-approved.

What is the best dog backpack carrier?

We have done a comprehensive review of the best dog backpack carriers currently available on the market. As with lots of things in life, there is no single right answer. It all depends on exactly what you are looking for, what sort of activities you are going to use the backpack for, and of course your budget.
Take a look at our review for tons more information on the right dog carrier backpack for YOU and YOUR dog, as everybody’s circumstances are different.

Are dog backpack carriers worth it?

If you are looking for a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to transport your dog around with you, then it is definitely worth considering a doggie backpack carrier.
Though not ALL dogs enjoy being carried around in a backpack, lots DO. And it’s a great way to get out and about with your pooch.
Dog carrier backpacks are probably less expensive than you might think. Have a look at the packs in our review and see what you think – you might be surprised!

Can I carry my puppy in my backpack?

If you’re talking about a regular backpack, then no, we wouldn’t advise carrying your puppy in it.
This comes down to the function or functions that a particular product serves. And at the end of the day, a regular backpack has been designed to carry lots of things that people might need on a day hike, or on an adventure trip – just not dogs or puppies.
If you’re talking about a doggie backpack carrier, then yes, you can absolutely carry your puppy in it, as these backpacks have been especially designed for carrying dogs.
The most important thing is that you measure your puppy properly and look for a backpacking dog carrier that is the right size for your pup.

Do dogs like riding in backpacks?

Lots of dogs seem to enjoy riding in backpacks, though of course some don’t. And it’s important to note that you should never force your dog to do something that she doesn’t like.
Having said that, some dogs do take a while to get used to being carried around in a backpack. So with this in mind, go easy on your furry friend and take the time to gently coax her into this new and strange piece of equipment.
Don’t expect your dog to jump straight in, the first time that you try her out in the backpack. It takes time and patience. Be extra gentle with her.

Can I use a regular backpack as a dog carrier?

No, we don’t advise using a regular backpack as a dog carrier. Regular backpacks are not designed to carry dogs. Your dog could get harmed or injured if you carry her in a regular backpack. For example, she might fall out of the backpack and injure herself.
And besides, it wouldn’t be a comfortable ride for your furball.
Instead, we advise purchasing a doggie backpack carrier, as these have been specially designed with dogs in mind. And many have even been designed with the help of professional veterinarians. Many more are veterinarian-approved.
Dog carrier backpacks have special features built into them that regular backpacks simply don’t have. Things such as safety hooks, that can be connected to your dog’s collar. And thick padded bases or mats at the bottom of the pack, so that your pooch gets a comfortable seat.
We’ve reviewed the best doggie backpack carriers on the market in 2022, suitable for ALL budgets, so come in and take a look! We hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see!

How do I choose a dog carrier for my backpack?

If you’re looking for a decent, comfortable dog carrier backpack for your pooch, then the first thing to do is to accurately measure your dog. You’ll need measurements of both your dog’s length and girth. And you’ll need to weigh your dog, as well.
Then look around for a dog carrier that fits your furry friend. And one that also fits your budget. Make sure that the dog backpack can comfortably accommodate the weight of your pooch.
We can help you make your decision here. Just head on over to our comprehensive review of the best doggie backpack carriers available in 2022. There’s sure to be one there that fits both your dog and your budget!