Badly Injured Pit Bull Was Hanging Out Near The Railroad

This Pit Bull was badly injured when the Hope For Paws organization received a call about how he had been spending his days lounging around near a railroad.

They knew that this was a disaster waiting to happen and of course the rescue team went straight for the location so they could secure the dog sooner than later.

When they got there, they saw him sitting near the fence, and they immediately started preparing their gear.

They set up the soccer net with the help of the people who had called them, but first, they wanted to see if they could approach him and convince him to come with them.

After a few steps into the dog’s personal space, however, he decided to run off. They tried to corner him into the soccer net so they could put the snare around his neck, but he somehow got through and avoided being caught yet again.

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Medical Team Begin Treating His Injuries

It was then that they saw he had two wounds — a small one on his left side and big, gaping one on his right shoulder. Amazed that he still had the strength to run away from them, they worked fast and tried to chase the dog once again.

When they were close enough, the female rescuer decided to take a chance and approached him to put the snare around his neck — and she succeeded!

At the hospital, they discovered that in addition to the wounds, he also suffered from a broken jaw and several fractured teeth. Despite his painful condition though, he behaved patiently as the medical team began treating his injuries.

By the third day, he was already in a good enough mood to start jumping on the sofa and even gave kisses to his rescuers.

This super gentle boy had gone through enough to last him his entire life. Now it’s time for some much-needed happiness.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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