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Are you looking for information about the best dog friendly beaches in San Luis Obispo?

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We’ve got loads of pup-friendly info on the top beaches in San Luis Obispo that allow dogs.

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Dog friendship on the beach at a dog friendly beach in San Luis Obispo County
Dog friendship on the beach – Photo by PantherMediaSeller on Depositphotos

1. Olde Port Beach

  • 6520 Avila Beach Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
  • The beach is enclosed on each end by a cliff, so dogs can’t stray too far
  • Olde Port Beach is an off-leash dog beach in San Luis Obispo County
  • Beach is open to dogs (and humans) 24/7 – no time restrictions whatsoever!
  • On-street parking and a ramp down to the sand

Olde Port Beach is located on the beautiful San Luis Obispo Bay. The beach is just a 15-minute drive from the small city of San Luis Obispo. It’s next to the Harford Pier.

This fabulous off-leash dog beach is 184 miles north of Los Angeles and 242 miles south of San Francisco.

The bay is a naturally-protected cove that is said to be one of the warmest on the Central Coast of California.

No Time Restrictions Whatsoever

With no time restrictions whatsoever at Olde Port Beach, you’re free to bring your pup here for some fresh air and exercise at any time of day or night.

Just make sure that your furball is under full voice control at all times.

One Of The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in San Luis Obispo

This gorgeous stretch of sand is the first that you come to upon crossing the bridge out of Avila Beach and into Port San Luis.

Olde Port Beach is cited by both locals and visitors alike as one of the best dog friendly beaches of San Luis Obispo!

Website: Olde Port Beach

2. Avila Dog Beach

  • Front Street and San Francisco Street, Avila Beach, CA 93424
  • Beautiful half-mile stretch of beach, split down the middle by the Avila Beach Pier
  • Leashed dogs are allowed at Avila Dog Beach daily before 10am and after 5pm
  • You’re not allowed to take your dog on to the beach between the hours of 10am and 5pm
  • Good parking and amenities

Downtown Avila Beach, commonly called Avila Dog Beach, or simply Dog Beach, is located on San Luis Obispo Bay.

It’s just 1.3 miles east of dog-friendly Olde Port Beach. And it’s a popular family beach, enjoyed by thousands of people every year.

It’s also a great place to bring your dog in the quieter parts of the day. Avila Dog Beach permits leashed dogs before 10am and after 5pm every day.

Avila Beach Parking and Amenities

The Avila Beach parking lot is located at 502 1st Street and is open daily from 6am to 10pm.

There are good amenities here, including restrooms, outside showers, picnic tables and 6 BBQ pits.

Santa’s Doggie Parade At Avila Beach

Santa’s Doggie Parade is taking place at Avila Beach Promenade between 11am and 12 midday on Saturday December 9, 2023.

If you’re in the area at the time, it’s definitely an event not to be missed!

Dog friendly Avila Beach is a wonderful place to bring Fido in San Luis Obispo.

Website: Avila Dog Beach

Black dog fetching a yellow ball on Pismo State Beach, a beautiful dog friendly beach in San Luis Obispo
Black dog fetching a yellow ball on Pismo State Beach, a beautiful dog friendly beach in San Luis Obispo – Photo by troy williams on Unsplash

3. Pismo State Beach

  • 555 Pier Avenue, Oceano, CA 93445
  • Pleasant year-round climate
  • Leashed dogs are allowed in much of this beautiful California State Park
  • Dogs are not allowed in Pismo Dune Preserve
  • Several walking trails along the coastal sand dune habitat

Pismo State Beach is a fantastic state park in California. It’s located along the beautiful Central Coast of California.

It’s a fabulous dog-friendly state park. And it’s less than 20 minutes from the city of San Luis Obispo.

You can bring your dog on to all the beach areas in the park, as well as on all the park trails. Your furry friend must be kept on a leash at all times. And the leash must be no longer than six feet in length.

Dogs are not permitted at Oso Flaco Lake, or at the Pismo Dune Preserve.

Pismo State Beach Parking and Amenities

There is a large open-air parking lot at 17 West Grand Avenue in the Grover Beach district. It’s next to Fin’s Bar & Grill and just across from the Pismo Beach Golf Course.

Public restrooms are adjacent to the parking lot. And there’s also a boardwalk down to the beach.

Doggie waste bags are readily available in the park.

Your Pup Is Welcome On All The Park Trails

Lots of trails criss-cross the state park. And so long as she’s on a leash, your pup is welcome on all of them.

So be in no doubt.

Pismo State Beach in California contains some beautiful dog friendly beaches in San Luis Obispo.

Website: Pismo State Beach

A Sunday afternoon at Morro Bay Dog Beach, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA – Video courtesy of Doga Alchemy on YouTube

4. Morro Bay Dog Beach

  • Cabrillo Highway and Toro Creek Road, Cayucos, CA 93430
  • Beautiful, mile-long stretch of white sandy beach
  • Morro Bay Dog Beach is an off leash dog beach in San Luis Obispo County
  • Access to the beach is from the parking area along Highway 1
  • Quiet beach with no crowds and plenty of room to roam

Morro Bay Dog Beach, also known as Toro Creek Dog Beach, is an awesome San Luis Obispo beach that allows dogs.

This gorgeous, mile-long stretch of white sandy beach is located in north Morro Bay, between the north and south sections of Morro Strand State Beach.

It lies just 3.7 miles north of the small coastal city of Morro Bay CA. And San Luis Obispo is a short 18-minute drive away.

Plenty Of Room For Your Pup To Run Around To Her Heart’s Content

With this large, open expanse of beach, there’s plenty of room for your pup to run around to her heart’s content. Morro Bay Dog Beach is also usually pretty quiet.

And the scenery around here is wild and breathtaking.

So if you’re looking for a peaceful, uncrowded dog beach where you and your furball can just get away from it all, then this is definitely the place for you!

One Of The Top San Luis Obispo Dog Beaches

If you want to give your canine companion a quick wash before you leave the area, then head to Lemos Feed & Pet Supply in Morro Bay.

They’ve got a self-serve dog washing facility on their premises.

You’ll find Lemos at 1320 Main Street, less than a 5-minute drive from the dog beach.

All in all, Morro Bay Dog Beach is undoubtedly one of the best dog friendly beaches in San Luis Obispo.

Website: Morro Bay Dog Beach

5. Cayucos State Beach

  • 35 Ocean Front Avenue, Cayucos, CA 93430
  • Fabulous sandy beach with pleasant year-round climate
  • Leashed dogs are allowed at Cayucos State Beach
  • Day use beach only – no overnight camping permitted
  • Easy parking and access to the beach

Cayucos State Beach is a designated California State Park in the beautiful beach town of Cayucos.

The lovely little town of Cayucos lies along California State Route 1 (Cabrillo Highway), between Cambria to the north and Morro Bay to the south.

It’s located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. San Luis Obispo is less than 25 minutes away. And Morro Bay Dog Beach lies just 4 miles to the south.

You can bring your furball to Cayucos State Beach during the day. Just make sure to keep her on a leash at all times whilst at the beach.

Cayucos State Beach Amenities

At the northern end of the beach is the historic Cayucos Pier, which juts out into the Pacific Ocean for over 900 feet.

There are very good amenities here.

The Cayucos Beach Restrooms are on Ocean Front Avenue, right next to the pier entrance. And picnic tables, play equipment and outside showers are also available nearby.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Cayucos

Once you and your pup have had a good walk along the beach together, head to dog-friendly The Hidden Kitchen at 113 North Ocean Avenue for a bite to eat and some refreshments.

It’s one of several dog-friendly restaurants in Cayucos, CA.

So whatever time of year you visit, you and your furry friend will have a great time at Cayucos State Beach. It’s one of the top San Luis Obispo dog beaches!

Website: Cayucos State Beach

Conclusion About Dog Friendly Beaches in San Luis Obispo

If you’re looking for some amazing beaches to visit with your dog, San Luis Obispo really HAS got it all.

Your pup can enjoy the fabulous freedom of being off leash at both Olde Port Beach and Morro Bay Dog Beach.

Or for some special time with your furball during the quieter times of the day, head to Avila Dog Beach.

And if dog-friendly beaches in beautiful California State Parks are more your thing, then try Pismo State Beach or Cayucos State Beach.

Believe us when we say that you can’t really go wrong in San Luis Obispo. There are dog friendly beach options here to suit all furry creatures!

So what do YOU think? Which is YOUR favorite dog beach in San Luis Obispo? Let us know by leaving a comment – we’d love to hear from you.

Things change all the time, so if any of the information in this article is incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know – just leave us a comment below. Many thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Friendly Beaches in San Luis Obispo

Are dogs allowed on Fisherman’s Beach?

No, unfortunately dogs are no longer allowed on Fisherman’s Beach in San Luis Obispo. Instead, bring your pup next door to dog friendly Olde Port Beach. It’s an off-leash beach and is one of the best in the area for dogs.

Is Pismo Beach dog friendly?

Yes, both Pismo Beach and Pismo State Beach are dog friendly. You just need to keep your dog on a leash at all times whilst at the beaches.

Can I bring my dog to Avila Beach?

Yes, you can bring your dog to Avila Beach every day before 10am and after 5pm. Your pup must be on a leash at all times whilst at Avila Beach. Dogs are not allowed at the beach between 10am and 5pm.

Are dogs allowed on Morro Rock Beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Morro Rock Beach. Please note, though, that your dog must be on a leash at all times whilst at Morro Rock Beach.

Are dogs allowed at Morro Strand State Beach?

With the exception of service animals, no, unfortunately dogs are NOT allowed on the beach at Morro Strand State Beach. Dogs are permitted on a leash, no more than six feet in length, in campsites and along park roads.


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