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This article is a round-up of some of the best dog beaches in the US.

If you’re a dog parent or a dog lover, then the question “what beaches allow dogs?” will surely have come up in conversation at some point.

It’s estimated that there are currently around 90 million dogs in the USA. All these dogs need fresh air and exercise, and what better place to do that than your local (or not-so-local) beach?!

The US has a vast coastline and there are literally hundreds of beaches that allow dogs. Probably thousands, to be honest.

Many have restrictions and you need to keep your dog on a leash on lots of US beaches. But there are also many beaches where your pup can roam free.

We’ve collected together some of the best dog friendly beaches in the USA.

Each entry is just an introduction to the dog beaches in that particular area or state. We’ve included links to our more in-depth, comprehensive articles.

So if you’re looking for information on a particular area or state, or you find something that interests you, just click on the link for more information.

We hope you find our information useful and accurate. Please let us know if not.

And we also hope that you enjoy finding out about some of the very best beaches for dogs in the US!

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#1 Dog Beach in San Diego, San Diego, California

Dog Beach in San Diego is the original dog beach.

Situated at the far northern tip of Ocean Beach, this beautiful spot is indeed a true haven for all dogs and dog parents.

For dog owners, there are few more accommodating stretches of coastline than that of San Diego.

There are four fantastic off-leash dog beaches dotted along the stunning coastline of San Diego County, and Ocean Beach Dog Beach is surely one of the finest.

Just a short drive from downtown San Diego, this gorgeous mile-long dog beach is at the meeting point of the San Diego River and the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to find out more about Dog Beach in San Diego, click the following link: Dog Beach in San Diego

#2 Dog Beach in Huntington, Huntington Beach, California

The seaside city of Huntington Beach in Orange County, Southern California, is located a mere 35 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. 

The excellent surfing conditions in the area have earned Huntington Beach the nickname “Surf City”.

Along with its fantastic surfing and favorable weather, Huntington Beach is famed for its beautiful golden sandy beaches, which extend for nearly 10 miles along the Pacific coast.

It boasts 5 beaches in all: Huntington City Beach, Huntington State Beach, Bolsa Chica State Beach, Sunset Beach, and Huntington Dog Beach.

Note that Huntington Dog Beach is the only one of the five city beaches where dogs are permitted and allowed to roam off-leash. All the other four city beaches are for humans only!

Dog Beach in Huntington has to be one of the best dog beaches in the US!

The dog beach in Huntington stretches for around 1.5 miles, nestled between Seapoint Street and Goldenwest Street along the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway.

In May 2020, U.S. News & World Report listed the dog beach in Huntington as one of the 18 best dog-friendly beaches in the US.

To read more about Huntington Dog Beach, click the following link: Dog Beach in Huntington

#3 Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, California

Rosie’s Dog Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach, located in the Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach, California.

Rosie’s Dog Beach is 28 miles from downtown Los Angeles and just 10 miles north of Huntington Dog Beach, along the wonderfully scenic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

This fabulous dog beach is along Ocean Boulevard, between Roycroft and Granada Avenues.

Dogs were first permitted to play on this Long Beach city beach on June 24, 2001, but it wasn’t until 9 years later, on August 3, 2010, that the beach area was officially renamed “Rosie’s Dog Beach”.

This was in honor of local resident Justin Rudd’s dog, Rosie the Bulldog.

To this day, Rosie’s Dog Beach remains the only off-leash dog beach in the whole of L.A. County – an area with around 10 million inhabitants.

The dog beach is open daily, from 6am to 8pm.

If you like the sound of Rosie’s Dog Beach, click the following link: Rosie’s Dog Beach

#4 Bark Beach, Boca Raton, Florida

Bark Beach in Boca Raton is just a short 40-minute drive north from Fort Lauderdale Dog Beach, on the A1A Highway.

This gorgeous stretch of Florida beach is open to dogs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

Doggy opening hours are between 7am and 9am in the morning and then from 3pm to sunset December through February and from 5pm to sunset March through November.

You’ll need a permit to enjoy Bark Beach with your pooch.

Note that the Bark Beach rules state that all dogs must be on a leash prior to entering and upon departing the dog beach. Once you’re on the dog beach, though, it’s a leash-free area.

Interested in Bark Beach? Then simply click the following link: Dog Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

#5 Longport Dog Beach (off-leash), Somers Point, New Jersey

Less than 10 miles from Atlantic City, the small city of Somers Point offers locals and visitors alike one of the best dog friendly beaches in the state of New Jersey.

Longport Dog Beach is also known as Somers Point Beach, Malibu Beach, or simply Dog Beach.

Longport Dog Beach is completely free to use.

And if you’re able to find a space in the parking lot, then that’s free as well!

Longport Dog Beach is the ONLY beach in the whole of New Jersey where dogs are free to run around off-leash all day, every day, all year round!

Want to find out more about New Jersey dog beaches? Just click the following link: Dog Friendly Beaches in New Jersey

#6 Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

This delightfully-named beach gets its name from the noise that the dry sand makes when you walk on it!

Singing Beach is about a 45-minute drive from central Boston, in the pretty town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Dogs can only be taken on to the beach in the off season, from October 15th through April 14th. Your pooch must wear an ID collar at all times and be properly licensed and vaccinated.

There’s even a great local…..

Like the sound of Singing Beach? Want to find out more about dog friendly beaches in Massachusetts? Click the following link: Dog Friendly Beaches in Massachusetts

#7 Bald Head Island, near Wilmington, North Carolina

You’ll find Bald Head Island on the south coast of North Carolina, less than 40 miles from Wilmington, NC.

Bald Head Island is the southernmost of North Carolina’s cape islands. It’s located at the spot where the Cape Fear River spills out into the Atlantic Ocean.

To get to the island, it’s a short and very pleasant 20-minute ferry ride. And that’s a passenger ferry.

Yes, there are no cars allowed on Bald Head Island – it can be accessed only by the passenger ferry or by private boat.

And believe us – it’s worth it!

There are plenty of things to see and do on the island…..

North Carolina dog friendly beaches take your fancy? Simply click the following link: Dog Friendly Beaches in North Carolina

#8 Bayview Dog Park and Beach, Pensacola, Florida

The Bayview Dog Park and Beach in Pensacola is a favorite spot for dogs and their owners.

The Bayview Dog Park and Beach are located in the southwest corner of the gorgeous Bayview Park, which has been a popular Pensacola recreational area for over a century.

Dogs are allowed to run freely off leash in this doggy haven! Your pups will undoubtedly have a great time splashing around in the water, running around and chasing each other.

Dog owners love this spot – it’s the perfect place to take your dog!

One of the best things about the Bayview Dog Park and Beach is…..

Does that sound like doggy heaven to you?! If so, then click the following link to find out more: Dog Beaches in Pensacola

#9 Elk Neck State Park, North East, Maryland

Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Maryland, just 16 miles from the state border with Delaware, lies the beautiful Elk Neck State Park.

Less than 80 minutes from both Philadelphia and Baltimore, this huge 2,370-acre park has plenty to offer.

This fabulous state park contains a variety of landscapes, including sandy shorelines, wooded areas, marshlands and gorgeous white clay cliffs.

Elk Neck State Park contains easily one of the best dog beaches in the US.

Facilities include grills, picnic tables and a restroom with cold showers.

For beach-loving pooches (and their owners!), the best part of Elk Neck State Park is…..

For more information on dog friendly beaches in Maryland, simply click on the following link: Best Dog Beaches in Maryland

#10 Dewey Beach, Dewey Beach, Delaware

The vibrant town of Dewey Beach is just a short 15-minute drive north from Bethany Beach.

Dewey Beach has a beautiful location, sitting between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay.

Dewey Beach is definitely a dog friendly Delaware beach – it even says so on its website!

From September 16 to May 14, dogs are allowed on the beach at any time.

And the best thing about all of the above is….

Want to find out more about the fabulous beaches in Delaware that allow dogs? Then all you have to do is click on the following link: Best Dog Beaches in Delaware

#11 Patton Beach, Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Patton Beach is located literally on the other side of the jetty from Carnelian West Beach. The two beaches are just a short stroll from each other.

This small pebbly beach is home to Tahoe Waterman’s Landing, a delightful beachfront cafe, serving up coffee, beer and healthy snacks.

Facilities here include public restrooms, picnic tables and a wonderful nature trail.

The water here is a beautiful turquoise color, and it’s also not too wavy.

Your dog will have lots of fun at Patton Beach, splashing around in the small, friendly waves!

This is simply one of the best dog beaches in the US.

For many dog parents, Patton Beach is…..

Interested in beaches that allow dogs in Lake Tahoe? Then click the following link: Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Lake Tahoe

#12 Chapoquoit Beach, Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Chapoquoit Beach is a favorite coastal spot for Falmouth locals.

It’s also a fabulous dog friendly beach on Cape Cod.

The sand at Chapoquoit Beach is very soft and the water here is usually warmer than in other parts of Cape Cod.

Chapoquoit is the perfect location to enjoy a gorgeous sunset with your favorite pup!

As with all the other beaches in Falmouth…..

Fancy taking your furball to some beautiful beaches in Cape Cod? Then click the following link: Dog Friendly Beaches in Cape Cod

#13 Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison, Connecticut

Hammonasset Beach State Park is less than an hour’s drive south of Hartford, the Connecticut state capital.

Hammonasset is the largest shoreline park in Connecticut and occupies a 2-mile stretch of beachfront on Long Island Sound.

Leashed dogs are welcome year-round in the picnic areas of Hammonasset Beach State Park.

The State Park facilities are excellent and include a boardwalk, bathrooms, a nature center, picnic shelters, picnic tables and a concession stand.

There’s plenty of parking here and it’s very convenient for the beach.

Hammonasset is famous for….

Can you hear the dog friendly beaches of Connecticut calling you? If so, then click the following link for more information: Dog Friendly Beaches in Connecticut

#14 Mohegan Bluffs, New Shoreham, Block Island, Rhode Island

The Mohegan Bluffs are large clay cliffs, located on the southern shore of Block Island.

To get to Block Island, it’s a one-hour ferry ride from Perrotti Park in downtown Newport.

The views here are simply stunning! So there are plenty of photo opportunities.

There’s no cost to visit the Mohegan Bluffs and they’re open 24 hours a day, all year round.

Leashed dogs are welcome all year round at the Mohegan Bluffs in Rhode Island.

Welcome to one of the best dog beaches in the US!

This gorgeous spot is a fine example of….

Want to bring Fido to the Mohegan Bluffs? For more info, just click the following link: Dog Friendly Beaches in Rhode Island


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