Pooch Steals Soccerball And Showcases His Skills

Little doggies playing sports isn’t really a new thing. We’ve seen hundreds of videos of cute pups having a go at our favorite sports.

Well, they have that playful nature so we can’t really blame them for wanting to play what we play. However, dogs who seem to play like humans are a rare treat.

Well, some lucky Turkish soccer fans had the privilege to witness this firsthand. A youth soccer game was interrupted by a little pup running hurriedly across the pitch. Usually, dogs who find their way onto the field only run around until someone catches them.

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Not this doggo. He must have been itching to get that ball going back and forth as the players kicked it around. When he got the chance, he never looked back.

When he got hold of the ball, he really went to town with it. He ran around like a soccer crazy fan with the ball on his paws.

What’s amazing though, is the players couldn’t get the ball back. They tried to, but they failed, miserably. It turns out this little pup could give Messi a run for his money!

He displayed a masterclass exhibition of his ball control, to the dismay of the youth players who just wanted to get on with the game.

Pup Scores A Goal And Celebrates!

Of course, the pup needed to finish it off with a goal, right? Well, he actually did score a goal during his little performance, then he continued to run around like a mad pup.

Moments later, the boys were able to take the ball away from the disruptive doggy. The pooch continued to go after the ball even when the ball was being taken away.

Later, the referee accidentally dropped the ball, and yep, you’ve guessed it, the dog went bananas again running around the pitch with the ball in front of him.

The delighted crowd had a good laugh, and it probably made their day!

It turns out the pup was with his owner watching the game when he got loose. Watch his amazing skills in the video below.

Eat your heart out, Lionel Messi!

Gebze'de Sahaya Giren Köpek

Gebze'de sahaya giren köpek topu bir türlü bırakmadı.

Posted by İşte Kocaeli on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Video credit: Gebze’de Sahaya Giren Köpek via Facebook


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