Aren’t you curious to know if your dog is smart? Here, we compiled a list of signs to look out for.

Being able to remember a command

There are several commands that dogs can learn. It is common for them to remember some of these basic commands. But if your dog remembers one that you taught him from about a year ago, it is highly likely that he is intelligent.

Being able to solve a treat puzzle

If your dog is a good problem solver, then he is a highly intelligent dog. Try giving your pooch some food puzzles. If he can solve it, congrats, you have a smart dog!


Being a master of escape


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This ability of smart dogs can be a bit annoying for dog owners. There are times when we want to place our dog in a specific area, especially if we are in the middle of something. However, our dog still manages to find a way to get out and escape.

Starting a game

Being able to initiate a game is another sign of intelligence for dogs. For instance, they bring you their favorite toy and look at you with those cute puppy eyes. They know how to express their desire for play time.

Comforting you when you’re feeling blue

Dogs have feelings, but it takes a smart one to express his empathy for his owner. If you feel sad or lonely, your smart dog can read that emotion and will snuggle with you. Your dog cares for you more than you know!

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Being observant

Have you experienced taking out your suitcase, and suddenly, your dog sticks closer than usual? A possible reason behind this is he associates the suitcase with travel or you leaving him. If your dog does this, then it is a sign of his intelligence.

Learning a new trick quickly

Some dogs need a longer time before they can master a skill or trick. Your dog is intelligent if he can learn a trick in just a few tries. This is very beneficial particularly if you want him to learn a lot of commands.



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