There Is An Adorable School Bus For Dogs

While most of us are burning the midnight oil, stuck in traffic after a long day of work, and completing our fifth overtime for the week, this dude is practically living the dream job most of us are craving for.

Well, what could be more dreamy than hanging out with furry, adorable dogs all day long?

Arat Montoya has always been a dog lover since time immemorial. So in 2016, to pay the bills and feed his family all while he lives the life he had always wanted, he decided to put up a dog daycare service in his home town in West Linn City, Oregon.

Thus, the birth of the Doggie School Bus Inc.

The daycare aims to acquaint dogs with other dogs to enhance their socialization skills and allow them to get enough exercise as needed.

His service became an instant star during the first two weeks of his launch. There were already a few clients waiting for his yellow bus every morning.

There Is An Adorable School Bus For Dogs

He fondly recalled picking up a total of sixteen customers during that time. He was definitely ecstatic at the thought as he never really expected that it will boom that fast.

Over time, his customers increased drastically that he needed bigger vehicles to accommodate all of them. His everyday routine mostly revolves around looking after the pooches and making sure each one is happy and safe.

He starts the day by picking up the dogs, driving them to the nearby two-hectare rural land owned by his friend, before driving the dogs back home at 2 pm.

His current customer amounts to a whopping 300+ dogs, each one divided into various groups. He takes care of a group of 20 dogs a day, which he increases to 30 if ever the canines are the well-behaved type.

Arat definitely enjoys his everyday routine, emphasizing just how happy he is with his job.

Check out how well-loved they are here.

Courtesy of The Oregonian


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