Doggy Paddle Norwich, an indoor dog swimming pool in Norwich, Norfolk, UK

A New Indoor Dog Swimming Pool Opens

Norwich, Norfolk, UK. A brand new swimming pool has recently opened in the UK. It’s in Hellesdon in the city of Norwich – a thriving city of about 140,000 people in the rural county of Norfolk.

Nothing special there, you might say. But wait, because this is a swimming pool exclusively for dogs! Dog parents are also allowed in, but only if they promise to behave themselves!

Going by the name of Doggy Paddle Norwich, the indoor dog swimming pool was opened by Rachel and George Lambert, a mother and daughter team who live in the area. Both Rachel and George are passionate dog lovers.

The Local Lake Becomes Hazardous For Dogs

Until recently, Rachel and George would take their beloved Golden Labradors, Blue and Tinker, to a local swimming lake for a dip.

But blue algae started appearing in the lake. Blue algae is hazardous for dogs and can even be life-threatening to them, if swallowed.

The pair had the idea of a doggy swimming pool back in 2019 and a local building company were contracted to do the work at the end of the year.

The coronavirus delayed the opening of the new pool, but Rachel and George are absolutely delighted that it is now open to the public.

M C Webb Construction Limited of Hethersett, Norwich, was the local company that brought Rachel’s ideas to life. Both Rachel and George are absolutely delighted with the results. They say that the indoor dog swimming pool is exactly as they both imagined it.

Dogs Can Exercise And Have Lots Of Fun!

Dog hydrotherapy pools for injured or recovering dogs have popped up in quite a few places over the past few years, but the Doggy Paddle Norwich pool is much bigger than those.

In fact, it measures an impressive 7 meters x 4 meters! It even has a specially designed access ramp for dogs.

Doggy Paddle Norwich is about 2 things: exercise and having lots of fun! Your furry friend is allowed to run, jump, dive, swim and splash about in the pool to their heart’s content!

And the specially designed ramp is ideal for those dogs who are not so confident in the water.

Dog Owners Can Join Their Pooch In The Pool

Dog owners are allowed to join their pooch in the pool, if they wish to do so. Sessions in the pool are 30 minutes in length and the pool is thoroughly cleaned after each session.

Rachel and George are keen to point out that it is not a full hydrotherapy center, but rather somewhere that dogs can come to get lots of indoor exercise. Especially with the UK winter now just around the corner!

Swimming is fantastic exercise for both humans and animals and much gentler on the joints than running, jumping and chasing.

Not All Dogs Can Swim

Many people assume that all dogs can swim, but this is not the case. As dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, some are simply not built for swimming. Without help, these dogs would struggle in the water.

Some dogs have never been in the water before and for those dogs in particular, entering a doggy swimming pool for the very first time could be a scary and nerve-wracking experience.

Try Out An Indoor Dog Swimming Pool

But at Doggy Paddle Norwich, help is always on hand from Rachel, who is trained in canine first aid and has extensive knowledge of our furry friends.

If you own a dog and live in the area, then go and try out an indoor dog swimming pool. Your pooch will thank you for it!

We at The Barking Blog wish Rachel and George all the very best with their new business venture and are sure that Doggy Paddle Norwich will become the great success that it deserves to be!

With extra special thanks to our friends at Dogly

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