Some dogs are smart. Others are genius! Meet Negro, the dog who understands that for him to get a little luxury in life, he has to have some “money” to pay. This smart dog “buys” himself a treat with his self-made currency!

Meet Negro, The School Guardian

Negro is an adorable black dog who lives in the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare campus in Colombia.

He, somehow, serves as the school’s guardian as he watches over things while students and teachers go on their day to day activities.

He’s been staying in the said campus for about 5 years. During his tenure, his basic needs like water, food, safe place to live in, and even some tender loving care are happily provided by the school’s faculty.

Negro the black labrador buys himself a treat with his self-made currency

Negro Learns About Commerce

However, as he observed his surroundings, Negro learned about the campus’ little store where students buy some snacks during their break.

The students would sometimes even buy him some cookies from the said store. This is where he learned about commerce.

He saw how students would go to the store, give money, and get something in return. To everyone’s surprise, one day, he came to the store with his mouth holding a leaf while wagging his tail, as if making it known that he wants to buy some cookies.

Money Really DOES Grow On Trees!

This cute little act got him the cookies that he wanted and, in an instant, his self-made currency became his official payment for his daily dose of cookies. What a sweet clever doggo!

Despite the cuteness of his actions, the school’s staff still doesn’t give in to Negro’s every whim. They make sure to keep his waistline in check by limiting his purchases to twice a day. They also ensure that Negro only gets dog-safe cookies.

So now, as long as there are trees around, he’d have “money” to buy himself his much loved treats. Indeed, this smart and adorable dog has struck a pot of gold!

Negro is indeed a super-smart dog that “buys” himself a treat with his self-made currency!

Courtesy: Mon Cher Ami Pet Shop

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