Poodle Is Transformed From Furball To Fabulous

There is this light brown poodle that had a long and messy coat. This pooch was still an adorable furball but not stylish at all.

This doggie went through a transformation from looking like a pompom to becoming so beautiful that it could be featured on the cover of a dog magazine.

Dog grooming

Dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis. There are some breeds such as Jack Russell terriers and Golden Retrievers that do not require fur cuts because of their type of coat. But, poodles do need to get a fur cut often.

There are many kinds of poodle cuts like the classic that has the dog sporting a top knot. Yet this little poodle was given a unique cut as she had a tuft on top and a beautifully contoured rounded puff that completely covers her ears.

The tuft of hair was made with the strands that are above the eyes that were pulled up and tied. This hair tie instantly brought out the lovely black button-like eyes of this pup. Her gorgeousness was further enhanced with detailed trimming.

Stylish cut

This fur cut is called the “broccoli” however, the semblance isn’t quite that. It does make the doggie so absolutely pretty. You’d love to see the transformation of this doggie from a furball to a delightfully perfectly groomed pooch.

There are some dog owners who may be quite hesitant about taking their doggies to the groomers because they may be frightened or too anxious about this.

However, it is just all about going to the right place. Dogs love to get pampered, and part of that is having their fur styled and cut.

If you find the right groomer that is kind and gentle enough to do this, then your doggie shouldn’t have any problems with being afraid of them.


Source: Youtube | Get style TV PET


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