This Dog Is So Happy To Get His Snack That He Dances In Celebration

If there is one thing that is common between humans and dogs, it’s our love for food! Just like us, these canines had grown a particular liking to treats and snacks, and nothing could make them happier.

Apparently, this American bulldog, who goes by the name Brutus Patutus (isn’t that the most adorable name, by the way?), has a very particular behavior to thank his fur mom for the treats she gives him.

While most dogs lick their owners in appreciation, Brutus does a particularly charming celebration dance to show his gratefulness.

The white and gray bulldog hails from Orange County, California and lives with his owner who is fond of sharing his craziness and charm to the world via Instagram posts.

Their account has racked up a whopping 55,000 followers and counting! Well, with a face that sweet and funny, who wouldn’t fall in love with him?

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Brutus is a pretty relaxed kind of dog, but when mom opens his box of treats, he loses it. His mom had previously subscribed to a dog treat delivery service that drops a random box of snack and toy to their house each month.

On one of these occasions, Brutus patiently waited for mom to open the box and reveal his treat for the month.

When he saw the big brown bone, he was quite cautious and curious at first, but then mom hands him the snack, and he immediately dashed out of the room.

He kept running back and forth with bone in mouth, practically too overwhelmed with his new snack. Then he suddenly pauses at one spot, drops the bone, and continued with his fancy happy dance.

It basically consists of him jumping up and down and bowing to the bone as if worshipping the heavens for his yummy treat.

He does this cute dance all the time, by the way, and it never gets old!

Watch his utterly adorable reaction here.

Courtesy of brutusthabully


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