Hero Dog Saves The Life Of Owner

Paula Godwin of Arizona decided that it was a lovely day to go on a hike. So, she took her two dogs, Copper and Todd, with her on a trail near her home.

Paula was happily filming everything with her phone, and she even recorded cute short videos of her dogs during the short hike. They were already walking downhill when something terrifying happened.

Paula couldn’t see what she was walking into when her dog suddenly jumped between her legs and something. It happened so fast that Paula soon realized that her dog, Todd, actually protected her from a rattlesnake.


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Paula realized that she almost stepped on a rattlesnake. She didn’t see the rattlesnake, but Todd did, and when the rattlesnake went to bite Paula’s leg, Todd jumped to shield Paula from the bite.

That was when Paula heard the distinctive rattle sound that the snake made. As soon as the snake slithered away, Paula knew that she had to go to the animal hospital fast. Todd’s snout was starting to swell, and she knew that she didn’t have a lot of time.

She carried Todd and had Copper follow her to the car, and they took off to the nearest animal hospital. Thankfully, the vet acted fast and administered anti-venom on Todd. Copper also came along for moral support.

After a few hours of observation, Todd was allowed to go home to recover. Todd has since made a full recovery after getting bitten by the rattlesnake. Paula is so thankful to what Todd did for her that she shared his story on social media.

It wasn’t long until Todd’s story went viral and Paula soon had people wishing Todd well. Todd’s heroic act also inspired Paula to set up a page to help other pet owners financially if their pet gets bitten by rattlesnakes.

Todd was also voted as the first every Streamy Award’s Milk-Bone Dog of the Year. Here’s a video showing Todd’s heroic story. It goes to show that dogs really man’s best friend.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube


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