Adorable Puppy Plays Dead To Avoid Going Swimming In The Lake

It is no surprise that dogs are particularly fond of swimming. They enjoy catching some waves at the beach and generally paddling out in the water.

But while the majority of dog breeds sure love a beautiful beach day out, some dogs are just not into the sport like the others.

Zuni, an adorable yellow labrador, is one of those dogs who shudders at the thought of getting wet. This bustling pup was on a grand adventure with Kelly Sims that day.

Kelly runs Ruff Day Adventures, a dog walking and boarding company which enjoys taking dog clients out on their greatest adventure.

Zuni was one of Kelly’s clients, and their great adventure happened to be a delightful swim at Lake Tahoe in California.

However, the little pooch was not entirely in the mood for a swim at all. When Kelly put on Zuni’s life vest, the little lab looked pretty curious and excited about their activity of the day.

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Zuni Dropped On The Ground And Played Dead!

After all, it was her first time to wear a life vest, so it was only understandable that she would be more bustling than usual.

But when Kelly got her on her feet and asked her if she was ready to swim at the lake, the pup did something that was pretty out of the blue.

Zuni just dropped on the ground and played dead! It was as if she lost all her energy the moment she heard the word swim. Kelly and her colleague sure had a good laugh at Zuni’s unexpected reaction to swimming.

Although it is unknown if Kelly still made Zuni swim against her will, we’re hoping that the little pup would at least try the activity.

We will never know if she will enjoy it or not unless she gets in the water. Nonetheless, we’re sure she will be a fast learner. Watch her adorable stunt here.

Courtesy of Caters Clips


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