The Perfect Job For This Kind German Shepherd
The Perfect Job For This Kind German Shepherd

Ozzie is an 18-month-old German Shepherd Dog. A very kind German Shepherd Dog. And this story is all about how Ozzie landed his perfect job. The perfect job for this kind German Shepherd.


Ozzie Trains For His Local Police Service

Ozzie was born in 2018. Like lots of other German Shepherd puppies around the world, Ozzie started training for his local police service. In Ozzie’s case, this was the Queensland Police Service in Australia.

His initial training went well and Ozzie’s future in the police service looked bright.

However, as time went on, Ozzie’s handler and other members of staff noticed something quite unusual. The young puppy was actually TOO kind and TOO considerate of others!

In order to be a successful police dog, a pup needs to display a certain, controlled level of aggression towards “the bad guy”. However, Ozzie was often much happier playing catch with the bad guy, rather than pulling at his sleeves and detaining him!


Ozzie Is Dropped From Canine Team

Unfortunately, due to his extremely kind and compassionate nature, Ozzie had to be dropped from the canine team.

Obviously, Ozzie’s handler was upset and disappointed about the decision, but knew that it was the right thing to do. Ozzie’s behavior had made it clear that he was regrettably not up to the job. He could well have been a liability to the police service.

The future for Ozzie no longer looked bright and in fact, it now looked quite uncertain.

The Perfect Job For This Kind German Shepherd
German Shepherd Dog lying down

Ozzie Gets A New Job – As A Bird Scarer

However, as one door closes, another one opens. And a short time after finishing at the canine unit, a position for a bird scarer came up at Brisbane Airport.

A very high number of migratory birds had been spotted in the vicinity of the airport and airport officials knew that something had to be done about the situation.

If they weren’t careful, then one or more of the birds would be at risk of getting sucked into one of the aircraft engines. This could be a very dangerous scenario and potentially put lives at risk. Something that the airport officials were keen to avoid.

Ozzie’s kind and playful personality would definitely be an advantage in this kind of work and he was soon put forward for the bird scarer role.

Ozzie was the ideal candidate and soon landed the job.

It really was a dream come true and the perfect job for this kind German Shepherd!

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