Dog Likes Her Toy So Much That She Guards It Even During Naptime

Dogs can be possessive of their humans, food or even toys – and this is not a new phenomenon at all. Dogs had already had this possessive behavior embedded in their DNA even before their ancestors were domesticated.

We presume that possessive behavior among dogs was a part of their survival instincts to exist out in the wild. Now that most dogs are already tamed, how does possessive behavior fare with these dogs?

Possessive behavior among dogs has probably changed significantly over time. Although some dogs can be possessive-aggressive in extreme cases, there are also some dogs who may not have it.

And those dogs who are classified in the middle – those that are only mildly possessive – are the kinds who get obsessed over seemingly petty things.

They can be fixated on just a couple of objects, that some people might even find funny or adorable. So much for survival instincts, huh?

Take for instance the cute dog in the video below. She doesn’t seem aggressive nor dominant. And she seems quite at peace sleeping with her toy pizza. But, observe as her owner tries to take the toy pizza away from her. Play the video below:

It Might Be Something Your Dog Values

What you might think is just a petty object, might be something that your dog values so much –  and she might do everything just to keep it near her at all times.

Some owners could take a dog’s prized possession because they are “allowed to do so”, which means that possessive behavior might just depend on the dog.

As for this cute little doggy, her most prized possession is obviously her pizza toy, but apparently, not even her owner could have it! She obviously couldn’t sleep without it! Now, don’t you think that’s hilarious?

One word of caution though. If you have a possessive dog who could be starting to display aggression, you might want to have her checked by a dog behavior specialist.

Source RM Videos via Youtube


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