Loyal Dog Waits For Owner For Six Days Outside Hospital

Cemal Goes Into Hospital

Cemal Senturk lives in Trabzon, a city on the Black Sea coast of northeast Turkey. He recently had to go into hospital to undergo treatment for a brain embolism.

Soon after Cemal went into hospital, a beautiful white dog was seen waiting patiently outside the hospital doors.

It turned out that the dog was called Boncuk and she was Cemal’s faithful, loyal pooch. Boncuk waited outside the hospital for many hours each day. And each evening, she would return home.

Each day, she would arrive at the hospital at around 9am, and stay until nightfall.


Kindly Hospital Staff Fed Boncuk

She waited, and waited, and waited. Boncuk was a good dog and never once actually went inside the hospital. Whenever the hospital doors opened, Boncuk would look inside, expectantly.

Kindly staff at the hospital in Trabzon would feed Boncuk, as she patiently waited for her owner to emerge.

Finally, after six full days of waiting patiently, Boncuk got her reward! Cemal’s treatment was successful and he came out of hospital in a wheelchair, pushed by family members.

Loyal Dog Waits For Owner For Six Days Outside Hospital

Boncuk’s Reaction Was Incredible

As you can imagine, Boncuk was absolutely over the moon to see Cemal. Her reaction was incredible! You can watch Boncuk’s reaction here.

Cemal was equally excited to see his wonderful, loyal dog. He commented on how close Boncuk was to him and his family. “Like a human being,” he said, “and it makes one happy.”

So that’s the story of Boncuk, the loyal family dog that waited for her owner for six days outside a Turkish hospital. And what a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting story it is!

We wish Cemal a speedy recovery. And we hope that he and Boncuk enjoy many more years of companionship and friendship together!

With special thanks to our friends at the BBC News Team for this lovely story!


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