The pit bull who has a knack for hiking
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In this story, you will meet a pit bull who has a knack for hiking with her owner. This pit bull is named Penni and she is living quite a good life.

Her owner is quite adventurous and so Penni has become a bit of an adventurer as well. They go on hikes together and Penni just loves doing this.


Penni Used To Be Terrified Of Everything

Penni is a rescue. She was saved from her previous life in 2014. She used to be quite terrified of everything. Penni would be scared of the most mundane things. She didn’t want to spend time with other people or animals.

Now, she has become quite the opposite of who she used to be. She just loves the world and is quite happy when she goes hiking with her owner.


Now Penni Just Loves The Wilderness

Penni’s owner says that her dog can handle just about anything. She becomes quite the adventurer when they go on hikes. Penni loves the outdoors and she loves going on adventures.

It took Penni’s owner hours and hours to help the dog transform into the adventurer that she is today. From being a scared pit bull, she has transformed into a very active one. She just loves the wilderness.


Penni Changes The Life Of Her Owner

Penni’s life surely has changed and Penni’s owner has said that her dog has also helped change her life. She sees life through Penni’s eyes and that things can improve if you want them to.

People who would like to hike with Penni can do so. All they have to do is to contact Penni’s owner.

Many who have gone on hiking adventures with her are happy to share that she is a really great companion on hikes. She loves what she is doing and she also has a great time doing that.

Penni really is a pit bull who has a knack for hiking!

Watch this video and see just how amazing Penni is as a dog and as a hiking buddy.

Source: The Dodo


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