Golden Retriever refuses to leave pet store!
Rufio the Golden Retriever

This is the story of how a cute Golden Retriever refuses to leave the pet store!

As a therapy dog, Rufio, an adorable Golden Retriever, has a busy schedule. He spends his day assisting people. When his owner took him to a pet store for some retail therapy, Rufio didn’t hesitate to let his owner know what he wanted.


Rufio Tries To Deter His Owner From Leaving The Pet Store!

The hilarious video was uploaded on Instagram. In the video, you could see Rufio’s refusal to leave the pet store. Rufio’s owner attempted to exit the pet store. Rufio used all the weight of his body to deter his owner from leaving.

The owner tried to explain to Rufio that they needed to leave the pet store. Rufio didn’t seem to pay attention to what his owner said. Rufio’s funny video gained thousands of views.

People who watched the video showed their support and appreciation. Some of them suggested captions that the owner could use.

Many viewers compared the scenario with their small children, especially when begging for a playtime extension. The video was also posted on YouTube, and it also went viral.


Rufio Becomes A YouTube Star!

Rufio’s video got the same attention on YouTube as it did on Instagram. It has more than 450,000 views.

According to Storyful, the Golden Retriever knew what he wanted. People found the video to be sweet and adorable.

One user even commented that only a monster would give the viral video a thumbs down. Another user went out of their way to explain why Rufio behaved that way.


Rufio Plays Dead!

The user explained that dogs love the idea of going to the pet store. For them, it’s a haven filled with free treats, fresh scents, and toys.

Although Rufio only used his body language to express what he felt, his owner already understood he was not ready to leave the pet store. He was smart enough to play dead as a way of refusing to leave the store with his owner.

This stubborn Golden Retriever simply refuses to leave the pet store!

Here’s a video of Rufio’s hilarious reaction:

Video Source: Storyful via Youtube


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