Performance Artist Organizes Special Concert For Dogs

Laurie Anderson, a performance artist based in New York, organized a concert that’s exclusively for dogs.

What makes this project so unique is only dogs can hear the low-frequency compositions she played. Humans had to wear special headsets to listen along with their furry friends.

Music for dogs

Anderson devoted decades of her life to her craft. She wanted to master the art of performing in concert halls by experimenting with new musical instruments and different forms of music.

As a pioneering artist, she always wants to bring something new to the stage.

The dogs of Sydney, Australia, were lucky to experience the first special concert for dogs. Hundreds of dogs and their humans were present to watch and listen to Anderson.

The concert was entitled “Music for Dogs,” and it was Anderson’s first doggy concert. She has fond memories of that night and recalls it as one of her life’s highlights.

A canine gathering

As with the first one, hundreds of dogs and humans came to watch Anderson’s second doggy concert. K9 responders also appeared that night with their handlers because they need a break from work too.

The guests did not have to pay for anything to attend the concert, but they had to be early so they can sit comfortably.

Anderson also showed a three-minute clip from “Heart of a Dog” after her concert. It is a documentary about different topics like the afterlife, death, art, and love. She expressed these topics through the dreams of Lolabelle, her former dog.

It was a wonderful evening of love and music for everyone. The humans had a chance to hear music that’s only audible for their dogs.

The concert was simple, but it brought them closer to their four-legged friends. Watch snippets of the concert below:

Credits to Times Square NYC


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