Watch A Siberian Husky Have A Tantrum
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As A Puppy, Blu Was Cute And Sweet

Many dog owners know the consequences of leaving their dogs in the house alone – even if it is just for one minute. They can turn something pristine into a total mess. Some dogs know when they did bad and get a scolding. They would feel sorry and apologize.

But not all dogs do that. And Blu is one of them. Blu is a Siberian Husky and he has no plans of apologizing for anything bad he does. Well, especially if he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

The owners of Blu love the dog. As a puppy, he was cute and sweet. When he grew up, he continued to be just that. He would also be up for plenty of attention and lots of cuddles.


Blu Creates A Total Mess!

The day that this video was recorded, Blu’s owners went out to have a date. They couldn’t bring Blu with them so the dog was all alone in the house. Blu wasn’t happy about it – especially when his owners told him that he should go to bed already.

Blu did go to bed when his parents left. But sleep was far from his thoughts. Instead, he created a total mess out of it. All the stuffing was strewn on the floor. And that was how his parents saw it when they arrived.

Blu started to complain and howl when his parents arrived. He didn’t even give them a chance to give him a scolding because he took the initiative to give them a telling.

He surely wasn’t going to back down knowing that his parents did him wrong leaving him behind and all alone in the house.

His mom tried to speak but Blu wasn’t having any of that. He continued whining and howling to tell them of what they did. I don’t know what I’d do with you, Blu!

husky blu is arguing

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