Woman Decides To Make Her Farm Into A Dog Park
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For all creatures great and small, these are indeed challenging times. To help out her dog-owning friends and neighbors, an Oregon woman decides to make part of her farm into a dog park. Read on for the full story.


Dog Owners Find Community Quarantine Hard

We are not the only ones who are affected by the pandemic. Dogs also are affected! They could not go out as they usually would, because people are recommended to stay at home. And we know that we cannot simply allow our dogs to go out on their own.

Many dog owners have been saying that they find the whole community quarantine to be a difficult thing to do. They may have already adjusted, but their dogs have yet to do that.

Dogs are stuck in the house, and they desperately have the need to go out and smell the fresh air.


Oregon Farmowner Turns Land Into Dog Park

Diane Neffendorf lives in Oregon, and she knows the difficulties that dog owners are facing.

She realized that this is because most people do not have their own yards, which would allow them to let their dogs out and have them play outdoors. So she decided that it was time to help dog owners.

Diane owns a huge farm, and she decided to take a portion of it and convert it into a dog park. It was also important that the dog park would be able to allow people and their dogs to still practice social distancing, as required by the government.

So she created half an acre where the dogs can go and just run and be themselves.


Robin And Gunnison Love Freedom And Space

Robin Brown was the first guest that Diane invited to her new dog park. He is one of Diane’s close friends in her neighborhood, and he owns a dog named Gunnison.

Robin told Diane that Gunnison had been bored and wasn’t happy anymore, just playing in their house. Robin was really happy when Diane told him of her plans. He couldn’t wait to try out the dog park with Gunnison.

So when Diane invited him, they rushed to go to Diane’s farm. He let Gunnison run free inside the space, and he saw how happy Gunnison was.

Diane was pleased, and she then started informing her neighbors about it. Soon, Diane’s farm was the common spot for dog owners and their dogs.

We hope you enjoyed reading our story about Diane Neffendorf, the Oregon woman who decides to make her farm into a social-distancing dog park. What an amazing woman! And what fun for the local dogs!

Source: KOIN 6


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