Dogs Ecstatic After Getting Freed From Chains

Far too many of our canine friends are unfortunately abused or neglected, or both. Even one abused dog is one too many. The lucky ones are rescued by agencies or animal rescue groups. These dogs were ecstatic after getting freed from their chains.


Family Of Six Dogs Chained In Backyard

Every day, nonprofit organizations receive reports of animal abuse and neglect. There are complaints of dogs dumped at the side of roads, dogs abused by their owners – and most often, dogs chained all their lives.

“Dogs Deserve Better,” one of those animal rescue groups, aims to free dogs from chains and help them find their forever homes. They have done so, with over a thousand rescued dogs in their name.

Every rescue effort is unique, but they did not expect one heartwarming event that transpired when they received a call about a family of six dogs chained in a backyard.

No Access To Clean Water Or Food

One day, they got a call saying there’s a neglectful owner who chains a family of six dogs, day and night. The said animals knew nothing of the word “freedom.”

Their owners had imprisoned them all their lives. The volunteers from “Dogs Deserve Better” went to the reported household and saw the dogs’ living conditions.

The dogs only slept in the mud. They looked as though they had never experienced warm beds or, at least, a dry spot for resting.

Also, they did not have access to clean water or food. The volunteers pitied the dogs for the poor treatment they got from their owners.

The Rescued Dogs Get A Wonderful Surprise!

Fortunately, the nonprofit organization saved the dog family, which consisted of the dog parents and their three puppies.

Volunteers had previously rescued one of the puppies. They brought the dogs to the clinic and made sure the vets checked them for any serious injury or medical condition.

After the vet check-up, the volunteers brought the dogs to the dog park – a surprise that the dogs loved! For the first time in years, they were off chains.

The dogs’ reactions touched the rescuers. They never saw such happy and excited dogs. The response made them want to strive harder to free more dogs in the country.

After being rescued and getting freed from their chains, it’s simply amazing to see the ecstatic reactions from these dogs! And very well done to Dogs Deserve Better – what a fantastic organization! We thank them for all their hard work.

credits: Dogs Deserve Better via Facebook 


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