Actors Ex-Wife Adopts His Pooch After His Death
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In a sad development, veteran soap opera actor John Callahan, a dad to Cali, the dog, passed away in March at the age of 66. But his family was quick to deny that it was due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that is currently ravaging the world.

The actor’s cause of death is due to a complication after he suffered from a stroke at home.

Upon hearing this news, John’s ex-wife, Eva LaRue, along with their daughter, Kaya, went to see him at the hospital for the last time. The three still had the chance to bid goodbye from each other before John breathes his last.

While the family was devastated by this development, they had nothing else to do but move forward without John.

Eva is no stranger that John has a pooch, so she decided to take Cali under her care. The woman did not think twice, even if she currently has two other dogs at home. In an Instagram post, Eva penned a eulogy for her ex-husband.

Eva mentioned that while she and John decided to split, the latter did not forget his responsibilities towards Kaya, now 18-year-old. At the same time, Eva lauded the man for a life well-lived that is anchored towards serving other people.

The ex-wife likewise said that John should not worry much about Cali because the dog is safe in her hands.

It did not take long for Eva to like Cali because the pooch is adorable in so many ways.

For one, while the dog is camera shy, Cali is a source of happiness. The dog would often lick Eva’s face to her delight. For Eva, this is an indication that she and her new pooch will have a good working relationship.

She likewise promised that she would take good care of the pooch in memory of John.

Credits to Eva LaRue.


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