Dog Helps Girl To Focus On Her Homework

Dogs are going beyond being more than man’s best friend. This was proven when one dad trained the family dog to supervise his daughter while she was doing her homework.

Even Chinese teenagers are no exception to this weakness of getting distracted by gadgets especially mobile phones while doing other tasks. Almost everyone is guilty of doing that, and some are even perennially guilty of doing it.

The story happened in the province of Guizhou, south-west of China. This Chinese dad has found a way to deter her daughter by falling to the habit of getting distracted by a gadget especially while studying.


He trained the dog to keep watch over her daughter while she is on her desk doing the homework.

The father, who is named Xu, said that they adopted the dog in December 2016 and has practically grown up with their daughter. So, the girl loves the dog and respects him.

On the other hand, the dog is a well-behaved dog which he has trained and does whatever he tells him.

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Xu tells the dog to keep watch over the daughter while studying and not to let her reach for her phone. The doggie would perch himself on the table by putting his two front legs on top of the table. He looks stern enough.

The girl is also seen to be quite serious in her studies. After the studying session, they would relax and play.

Dogs’ role in human lives is evolving and going beyond being the usual guard dogs. Dogs are naturally intelligent, and they can be trained to do many other tasks that their human owners will train them to do.

Some were able to learn specialized skills such as carrying things, nanny-ing for kids, etc. which used to be done only by humans. Lately, there is even a dog an environmentally-minded dog that gathers trash!

Dogs’ capacity to learn can be quite limitless.

Please watch the video below.

Source: World news for all via Youtube


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