Cris Mamprim, a nurse at the Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, thought it was just one of those regular Sunday duties that she normally attends to. But it turned out to be an early morning that she would never forget.

It was around 3 in the morning when Cesar, a homeless man, came to the hospital seeking treatment for his pre-existing medical condition. He’s normally attended to at another facility so the hospital’s staff needed to ask for his information.

As Cesar was getting treated, the staff noticed that he had a few friends eagerly waiting for him right at the hospital’s door. Those friends were none other than his four furry companions.


Com tanta gente mal por aí, hoje me deparei com essa cena. No hospital em que trabalho, as 3h da madrugada, enquanto…

Posted by Cris Mamprim on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Mamprim then learned that those were stray dogs that Cesar decided to care for. She also learned that at times, Cesar would even forgo his own food just to make sure that his furry friends are well fed.

The dogs looked better fed compared to other stray animals, according to Mamprim. She also said that the fact that those dogs patiently waited at the door only shows that they were very much loved and cared for.

The dogs did not have to wait long, though, as the staff decided to invite the dogs inside the hospital so they would no longer need to be apart. They also offered Cesar some food, which he also shared to his four beloved dogs.

An hour later, Cesar got discharged from the hospital. Mamprim watched as Cesar and his pack of happy dogs wagged their tails away from the hospital, disappearing into the darkness of that early Sunday morning.

Cesar may not have much material possessions with him but he surely has a life filled with love and friendship. His love for these animals is not just admirable but is also respectable.

Courtesy: Cris Mamprim



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