Dog Loses It When She Receives A Box Of Tennis Balls

This story is all about how Stella the dog loses it when she receives a box of tennis balls.

It is very easy to please dogs. All they want is to play and eat meat scraps. But if you want to make your dog really happy, simply give her a ball. But not just any kind of ball. Tennis balls are a favorite among dogs.

Just like Stella, a cute little dog of a Twitter user named @radicalJulianna. Twitter user @radicalJulianna made her dog Stella the happiest dog in the world by giving her a tennis ball.

But wait, it is not just a single tennis ball, but a box full of them!

dog loses it when she receives a box of tennis balls

Stella loves opening presents. That is why she is most excited during Christmas time where she gets to open her gift from her mommy. Opening the gift is already fun for Stella, but she did not expect what she saw when she unwrapped her gift.

Stella was overjoyed when she found out she has a buffet of tennis balls from her mommy.

According to @radicalJulianna, Stella is really fond of tennis balls. And as a gift last Christmas, she gave her not just one, but a whole box of them for her to enjoy.

Stella’s Gift Goes Viral On Twitter!

This amazing gift of Stella’s went viral on Twitter, and many have applauded the braveness of Stella’s mommy. Because dogs and tennis balls are not a good combination, dogs can be too playful with tennis balls, and they can hurt their owners sometimes.

But obviously, Stella’s mommy does not care about it. She only wanted to make Stella happy.

According to her mommy, Stella is already 13 years old. But she seemed like a little puppy filled with joy when she opened her gift and saw what it was.

It was really an amazing sight, and Stella’s mommy could not be happier with her reaction.

Dogs give us happiness. That is why it is only right to also make them happy. Unlike a lot of other animals, they are not demanding, so giving them a little of what they like can mean a lot to them.

So this is the story of how Stella the dog loses it when she receives a box of tennis balls!

Source: Mashable

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