Amazing dog to the rescue

We all do not need another reason to be obsessed with dogs, but Beija, a brilliant Golden Retriever, just wants to give it to us.

The adorable pooch was helpful enough to lend her helping paw to a friend, who was having second thoughts about taking a dip in the pool.


Doggy Adventures By The Poolside

Beija and four of her best fur friends were by a poolside getting ready for some adventure, but one of the pack was obviously hesitant to dive into the pool.

Peanut, a Dalmatian, was hesitating to go for a dip. The dog attempted to dive in a few times but just could not muster up the courage to just go for it.


Beija’s Sweet Gesture

Beija was watching, and she decided to take matters into her own hands, hmm… PAWS! She went to the pool and swam to a raft, which she quickly paddled over close to Peanut’s side.

Amazing dog to the rescue!

Beija’s sweet gesture just gave her best pal, Peanut, the boost of courage he needed.


Peanut Takes A Leap Of Faith

Beija’s encouragement was just too sweet for words, and it was exactly what her best friend needed. As Beija expected, the Dalmatian then took a great leap onto the raft without hesitation.

When Beija realized that her work was done, she calmly paddled herself back to the pool’s edge, climbed off, and then shook off some water before posing with a big grin at the camera.

It was both Beija’s and Peanut’s proud moment.


Dogs Are Each Other’s Best Buddies Too!

A dog’s intuition is really amazing! We all know that these puppies are man’s best allies, but it seems like dogs are each other’s best buddies too! You can watch the adorable video of Beija helping Peanut below.

Amazing dog to the rescue!

Note: The Golden Retriever, Beija, was NOT trained to do this. The dog saw a need, and she decided on her own to help out. Such an amazing dog!

Source: Mazruehl via YouTube


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