Travel Buddies: Dog And Cat Go On Adventures Together
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Meet travel buddies Henry and Baloo – a dog and a cat that go on adventures together!

People Are Smitten By Their Adorable Photos

Henry and Baloo are best friends. They are not only best friends – they are also travel buddies who go on adventures with their owners.

Their owners take interesting photos of the two animals and these photos are then posted on the animals’ Instagram account. Their account has amassed plenty of followers.

People who follow their Instagram account are smitten by the adorable photos of the animals. Their adventures are just too beautiful.

Henry And Baloo Have A Lot In Common

Andre Sibilsky and Cynthia Benneth are the owners of Henry and Baloo. They are totally in love with their pets.

The two animals are not from the same species, though. But despite that, they have a lot in common. They were both rescued from their previous life. They also enjoy going on hiking adventures with their owners.

Henry is a mixed breed dog. He is a combination of many breeds – Terrier, Staffordshire, Aussie, Husky, Boxer, and German Shepherd.

I’m guessing that, because of his various breeds, Henry is a dog filled with so much energy, that the hikes just seem like a normal thing. They come easy to him.

On the other hand, Baloo is a cat. He was born with seven siblings. Sadly, the owner of the mother cat abandoned the litter. Baloo was then adopted by Andre and Cynthia.

The Two Furballs Connected Immediately

Andre and Cynthia first adopted Henry and gave him a loving home. Henry would get upset when his parents went out. And that was when his owners decided to give him a companion. That companion was Baloo.

Cynthia said that when the two animals met for the first time, there was no trace of animosity. Instead, the two furballs connected immediately.

Cynthia suggested that this could be because Baloo looked upon Henry as the mom that he didn’t have.

Now, the animals and their owners are living happily together and spending plenty of time having adventures.

So that’s the fascinating tale of travel buddies Henry and Baloo – a dog and a cat that go on adventures together! Let’s hope that they go on lots more!

Click on the link below for a gorgeous picture (on Instagram) of Henry and Baloo together.

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Instagram picture of Henry and Baloo together

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