Pug Locks His Mom Out Of The Car

Cute Pug Locks His Mom Out Of The Car

Dogs are sometimes too naughty that they, unintentionally, get themselves into trouble. Lucky for them, they’re way too adorable. So, most of the time, they get a free pass for their naughty behavior.

Sometimes, you wonder if they’re aware of this – that’s why they still act all cute when they’re caught!

A pug named Pete accidentally locked his mom, Monica Garcia, out of her car while he was trapped inside it. Clearly in distress, Monica asked for help from her son, Nick Garcia, who found the incident too funny not to share.

Nick took a screenshot of their conversation and shared the hilarious incident on Twitter for everyone to see.


Monica Waits For Help For 3 Hours

It was unclear how the cute little pug managed to lock himself in the car. The car was just parked outside their house when Monica realized that she could no longer get herself in.

Her phone was locked inside the car too. So she used her iPad to contact her son, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, and asked him to call the American Automobile Association (AAA) for help.

Monica was forced to wait for about three hours before help came in. And while his mom was in a panic, Pete was obviously clueless of what was going on. Monica took a photo of the cute-looking Pete while he was seated on the driver’s seat.


Pete Finds Instant Fame On Twitter!

Nick didn’t say how they managed to unlock the vehicle. Possibly they broke the window, which could have hurt the dog. So, maybe they didn’t do that.

Whatever happened, what’s important is that the dog was safe and they were able to resolve the problem.

Pete also found instant fame, when the tweet about him immediately elicited thousands of reactions from people across the world.

People have also been sharing the same experience that they’ve had with their naughty dogs.

Of course, who would say no to such a laugh-worthy story?

Credit: Nick Garcia


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