Shelter Dog With A Crooked Smile Finally Goes Home

When Mosley first arrived at a busy rural shelter in Georgia, he was simply overlooked multiple times. There were a lot of other dogs waiting to be adopted during that time. And besides being crowded, the shelter was also noisy and tiring that no one actually paid attention.

Until Atlanta Humane Society Marketing Programs Manager Amanda Harris came. She saw Mosley’s online photos and instantly knew how special he was. Harries rushed and pulled the dog out of the shelter.


“His crooked smile captured all our hearts. We knew it would help him in quickly capturing his perfect forever home,” said Harris. “He’s just so lovely.”

Mosley is undeniably cute. So much that social media agreed. And while it’s not clear as to why his smile is crooked, Harris thinks Mosley probably had it since birth.

“We snapped some photos and recorded a video of Mosley. Quickly, he became so popular on social media,” said Harris. “More than a dozen families sent in their inquiries and applications for adopting him.”

Lindsey Ramsey’s family was one of the many interested adopters who expressed their intents of providing Mosley a forever home. Fortunately, the shelter found them the best fit for him. So about two weeks ago on Friday, Mosley went home with the Ramseys.

“All he wants is to snuggle and be rubbed. He also loves to follow us around the house,” said Ramsey. “He’s so energetic. We can always count seeing some zoomies whenever we’re outside.”

Today, Mosley is learning how to warm up with the thought of having another sibling: a cat. He’s working to live with the family’s cat, Barbara. Though they are constantly yelling at each other, the family is confident they’d soon be friends, according to Ramsey.

No one has a clue where Mosley had come from. It also isn’t clear what he may have been through in the past. But for now, he chooses to stay with his newfound family in his new forever home.

Credits to Atlanta Humane Society



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