Therapy Dog Is An Amazing Personal Trainer
Therapy Dog Is An Amazing Personal Trainer

Magnus is a therapy dog and he is an amazing personal trainer! Here’s Magnus’s story…


Challenging Circumstances

The current Coronavirus pandemic has certainly made life more difficult and more challenging for many people around the world. However, when you’re forced to stay at home, owning a dog can make those challenges seem a lot more bearable.

Being stuck inside all day can often be dull and boring. But Magnus the therapy dog has discovered an interesting way to make it a lot more exciting. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Magnus has become an amazing personal trainer!

Magnus’s dad, Brian Benson, is a fitness fanatic and works out every day. And clever Magnus has worked out a way to join in with Brian’s daily exercise routine.

Magnus is a very caring therapy dog and always enjoys being very close to his human parents. He always likes to be with them, whatever they are doing. So when Magnus saw Brian doing his daily workouts, he made it clear that he wanted to join in.


Magnus Helps Brian With His Daily Workout

Magnus closely watched exactly what Brian was doing and how he was doing it. The smart pooch is a quick learner and was soon able to copy Brian doing some of the exercises. The first one that Magnus learnt was, you guessed it, the downward dog!

Magnus soon realised that he couldn’t do ALL the exercises that Brian did, but found a way to help with some of them. For example, Magnus is able to hold Brian’s feet when he does his daily sit-ups.

Therapy Dog Is An Amazing Personal Trainer
Man exercising at home, doing the downward dog position

And Magnus discovered an interesting and fun way to help Brian with his daily push-ups. Magnus stands just in front of Brian and gives him a high five after each push-up! This delights the pair of them and is a great incentive for Brian.

On occasions, Magnus will even lie on Brian’s back while he does his push-ups. This obviously makes it more of a challenge for Brian and gets him to work a bit harder.

After initially being just a casual observer, by taking part in Brian’s daily routine, Magnus has come to learn how much fun working out can be. He not only helps out, but also gets to spend some quality time with his paw parent.

And so Magnus the therapy dog has shown what an amazing personal trainer he is!


The Workout Video Goes Viral

Magnus has his own social media accounts and Brian recently posted a really sweet video on Magnus’s Instagram account. The gorgeous video shows the pair of them working out together during the lockdown period.

The video lasts just 40 seconds, but has become an internet sensation! The workout video has garnered literally thousands of views since it was first posted and has gone viral.

Watch the fabulous video on Instagram

In difficult and challenging times, delightful dog videos like this serve to bring a bit more happiness and hope into the world.

If you want to see more delightful doggy videos and photos, then check out Magnus’s social media accounts on both Instagram and Facebook – you won’t be disappointed!

Source: With special thanks to our friends at iHeartDogs


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