Getting diagnosed with a disorder like cerebral palsy is not easy to take. For a fourth grader like Hunter VanBrocklin who holds big dreams and plans, it can be an even more challenging situation. Doctors have long said that since Hunter is an active boy, a walker won’t be suitable for him as he goes about his daily routines. This is where Wendy the Great Dane comes in.

Wendy has been with Hunter for more than three years already, serving as his guide, protector, and best buddy. The dog has grown so protective of Hunter that wherever the boy goes, even during his hospital checkups, Wendy has to be there, as well. Even the doctors and other medical staff assigned to Hunter have to acknowledge Wendy’s presence in the room before they proceed with the checkup and other necessary treatments.

Hunter, being the active boy that he is, loves to walk and hike. He does not let his disorder affect his movements as much as possible, but of course, there will be some obstacles. According to the doctor, his mind moves a lot faster than his body, and so Wendy is such a big help. The service dog goes with him whenever he walks and hikes. They even share a big dream – and that is to one day climb the Mount Everest together! It sure is a great and challenging dream, and it may not be that possible right now, but these two will surely work hard while at it.

This story just proves that more than being man’s best friend, dogs can also be the most loyal and protective guide that one can have in his lifetime. In the case of Hunter, he’ll never have to worry about braving the mountains alone because he surely has Wendy to keep him company always. We hope they’ll share more happy and active years together as climbing buddies!




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