Tail of family dog stopped working due to an unlikely cause
Family dog's tail stopped working

Family Dog’s Tail Stopped Working

It is quite rare for a dog’s tail to stop working and when it does, it is definitely a cause for concern. This family dog’s tail stopped working due to an unlikely cause…

While Emma Smith and her family were not too happy about staying home full time to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, there’s one who just couldn’t hide his happiness, and that’s Rolo, the family dog.

However, his excitement went a little too far. Because of excessive wagging, his tail suddenly stopped working.

Emma rushed Rolo to the vet to have his tail checked. The diagnosis was a sprained tail due to excessive wagging. The vet then advised the family to give Rolo some time to rest from his excitement overload.


Rolo’s Story Goes Viral On Twitter!

Emma shared what happened on her Twitter account. According to her, her little pup was on pain relief, and it would probably take a week before he was fully healed.

She even posted a video of Rolo having a hard time lifting his tail in the air, and she never expected it to go viral.

Thankfully, Rolo’s condition wasn’t as bad as the family thought it was. He would only have to endure the pain and take some rest before he could wag his tail again. During this challenging time, the family never failed to make Rolo feel loved and special.

The family was hopeful that Rolo would recover soon. It’s a good thing that Emma posted Rolo’s video on Twitter because currently, it already has more than 50,000 views. Rolo surely got lots of love and support from Emma’s Twitter followers.


Turning A Negative Into A Positive

Most people would say that being in quarantine can be annoying and depressing.

But this dog just proved to the world that even challenging times like these can turn into something fun and memorable when shared with those you love the most.

And that’s none other than your family.

Rolo’s tail is slowly recovering—he can already move it from side to side. This cheerful Dachshund certainly looks forward to the day when he can freely wag his tail again without getting hurt.

So this is the tale of how a family dog’s tail stopped working due to an unlikely cause. We hope you enjoyed the story!

Source: The Dodo via Twitter


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