This Perpetually Grumpy Shiba Inu Makes Everyone Smile

This story is all about how a perpetually grumpy Shiba Inu makes everyone smile! So read on to find out all about Chester….

Scientists Find It Hard To Grasp The Idea That Animals Have Feelings

While many people think that dogs do not have feelings, a lot still believe that they actually have a range of emotions.

National Geographic even notes that scientists find it hard to grasp the idea that animals have feelings, though owners understand that their pooches have emotions.

The confusion may stem from the fact that humans use language to label feelings.

But you can always tell if your dog is happy, sad, annoyed, or anxious. Just look at their facial expressions. There are some dogs that have a consistent look on their faces, like this Shiba Inu named Chester.

Chester has been charming people on the Internet through his perpetually grumpy expression.

A very grumpy looking Shiba Inu dog! This perpertually grumpy Shiba Inu makes everyone smile.
Chester – a very grumpy looking Shiba Inu dog!

Getting To Know Chester

Chester is an old dog. He is roughly around 65 years old in human age. And just like many old people, Chester is actually quite grumpy.

Kirby Kaufman, Chester’s owner, got him back in 2017. He adopted the Shiba Inu from the Nebraska Humane Society. Currently, Chester is already thirteen years old.

When Chester started living with Kirby, many of his friends would ask why Chester always looked angry. Some of his friends even noticed that the dog looked like a fox. However, others would call the Shiba Inu a demon dog.

Chester, the eternally grumpy-looking Shiba Inu
Chester, the eternally grumpy-looking Shiba Inu

A Typical Shiba Inu Attitude

Kirby said that Chester was a drama queen. He was very clingy and grumpy. He loved being petted — only if he allowed you to.

Kirby added that Chester was what many grumpsters aspired to become. His dog, according to him, represented the rage people have on the inside.

However, it must be noted that Shiba Inus are good-natured and bold. They are confident and strong-willed.

They are loyal, so they tend to be overly protective of their owners. And because some of them can be clingy, it is important to consider certain lifestyle factors before getting a Shiba Inu.

If you have a busy lifestyle and you spend a lot of your time outside, your Shiba Inu may feel sad and stressed.

So that’s the story of Chester, the beautiful, but perpetually grumpy Shiba Inu that makes everyone smile when they see him!

Chester's owner, Kirby, said that he was a drama queen!
Chester’s owner, Kirby, said that he was a drama queen!

Image Credit: Grumpy Sheeb via Instagram

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