Dog Gets Emotional

Luna is a rescue dog who loves cuddling up with her mom and dad. She’s a certified couch potato and spends most of her time watching movies. “We never had a dog watch TV like she does”, said Alexa Moore, her mom.

“This dog gets emotional when she’s watching a movie!”, Alexa continued.

Luna’s Favorite Movie Is “The Lion King”

Anytime Alexa turns the TV on, Luna’s attention will automatically turn to it. She eagerly watches every movie that’s playing. But if she has a favorite, it’s “The Lion King.”

Luna the dog watches the movie, The Lion King. Dog gets upset when Simba realizes his dad is gone.

Luna’s zest for the animated movie started when she began seeing its preview. During the commercial, Alexa noticed that the nine-month-old pup acted a little peculiar when a teaser of “The Lion King” came on.

And so, she opened up the Disney+ application and played it.

Luna Feels Their Pain And Feels Distressed

Immediately, Luna paid so much interest to the movie. Her full focus was set on the tablet as the film played. And just as how it did with other viewers, the movie captivated Luna’s heart, too.

The sweet dog lay silently on the bed as she waited for the next scene to unfold. But as soon as she realized that her on-screen friends were in pain, she felt distressed.

Dog Gets Upset And Mourns With Simba

Luna is an empathetic pup. She’s happy when her family is happy. So when Simba discovered that Mufasa, his dad, got caught in a stampede, Luna felt the cub’s pain as if it were hers.

“She has the cutest and the sweetest reaction”, said Alexa. She followed Simba on-screen. And Luna’s ears moved as Simba tried to wake his dad up.

Luna mourned with Simba. She pushed her face onto the screen and pawed him. She seemed to understand how he felt, so she tried comforting him.

Luna the dog watches the movie, The Lion King. Dog gets upset when Simba realizes his dad is gone.

Animals Can Understand Feelings And Emotions

Luna’s reaction is incredible and amazing. It just proves that even animals can understand feelings and emotions. They feel empathy, and they react in ways that would comfort others.

After the movie ended, Alexa snuggled up with Luna. She gave her lots of TLC, just as the pup would do whenever she’s feeling down.

And while the movie left her a little emotional, there’s no reason for her to watch the next film, particularly if “101 Dalmatians” is in the queue.

Credits to Alexa Moore

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