This Video Of A Dog And A Cat Snuggling When Home Alone Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See
Chiemsee2016 (CC0), Pixabay

While many dogs and cats don’t live peacefully under one roof, there are a few who get along pretty well together. Reddit user elphaba16 can very much vouch for that—she doesn’t own just one dog and one cat, but she has two of these different species.

Elphaba16 shared that all her four pets get along just fine. They may not be cuddly when there are people around the house, but it’s a different story once they are left home alone.

Elphaba16 even captured some of these sweet cuddling moments of her pet dog and pet cat in a video.

In the video, Joule, a 5-year-old rescued vizsla, and Kelvin, a 4-year-old ginger tabby, can be seen cuddling while their parents are away.

Joule suffers from anxiety, so her owner used to take her to work. But she stopped bringing the dog along when she noticed that going out stressed her out too much⁠.

Elphaba16 realized that letting Joule stay at home was a lot better for her. She saw Joule and Kelvin snuggling on the couch together via the live stream that she kept open on her work computer.

And she felt ecstatic when she noticed that the two do this for eight hours every weekday without fail when they are home alone.

Elphaba16 decided to post Kelvin and Joule’s video on Reddit, but she did not expect it to go viral, much more to receive the Reddit gold award, not just once but thrice.

She also created an Instagram page for these adorable pets with the username “ginger_cat_and_vizslas.” In this account, a lot of photos and videos of the two bonding together can be seen, and they sure melt the hearts of many viewers.

The loving owner also wished to do some live streams so that the pets’ social media followers can watch their adorable moments in real-time. But, for now, uploading Instagram photos and clips will do.

Every time a video or photo of Kelvin and Joule’s sweet moments is posted, their social media followers couldn’t help but gush over their undeniable cuteness.

Kelvin is like a therapy animal for Joule, who still suffers from anxiety and stress since her rescue. He has been such a tremendous help for her recovery.

Little by little, she’s able to overcome her anxiety, thanks to Kelvin and her pet parents for their unconditional love.

Watch one of the pets’ adorable snuggling sessions in the video below.

Source Family Pet via Instagram


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