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We all enjoy staying in hotels. This particular establishment has done something a bit different. There is now a hotel in Mississippi that serves as a foster home for dogs! Read on to find out how and why they’ve done it.


Hotel Guests Given Chance To Adopt A Dog

A Mississippi hotel has come up with an innovative idea. It has started acting as a foster home for dogs.

The hotel is giving its guests the option to spend time with a four-legged companion. The visitors are also given an opportunity to adopt the dog that they would like to take home.

The hotel, Home2 Suites, has made the dogs available to the guests under a program called Fostering Hope. Since the inception of the program, the hotel has been bringing in one dog at a time from a local animal shelter.

The guests at the hotel can hang out with the pooch overnight, if they wish. They can also take the animal out for a walk. If a guest ends up adopting the dog, the hotel’s administration takes in another pooch from the shelter.

Guests Were Missing Canine Company

The visitors don’t have to worry about competing with other dog-loving guests at the hotel, because there will always be an opportunity to meet the next canine.

Fostering Hope is the brainchild of Teresa Johnston, who is the hotel’s director of sales.

Teresa had noticed that the guests were missing something during their stay at the hotel. She figured out that it was nothing other than having some canine company. So, Teresa came up with the program, Fostering Hope.

Program Improves The Lives Of Shelter Dogs

Fostering Hope was started in 2018. Since the inception of the program, sixty dogs have found their permanent homes through the hotel. The hotel’s management has plans to extend the program to other locations of Home2 Suites as well.

Teresa wants not only to make the guests feel more comfortable, but she also wishes to improve the lives of as many shelter canines as possible.

The Fostering Hope program allows the homeless canines an opportunity to find their forever homes. This brilliant idea could be applied to all the hotels nationwide. If so, then many people will end up having a canine companion at their house.

A hotel in Mississippi that serves as a foster home for dogs – what a novel and brilliant idea! And one that could definitely catch on.

Image source: Home2 Suites via Yahoo

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