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Takis Proestakis had a nightclub which was doing well. He also was a dentist with a good amount of patients. But despite that, he chose to close shop and do everything to help stray dogs.

This happened when he learned of a garbage dump that had been used by many people to dump dogs. Thus, the place became the spot to find many strays and abandoned dogs. His heart went out for the animals who were hungry and dirty and unattended to.

One of the first things that Takis did was to give the dogs food. He fed around 50 strays. The word got around among the animals and they started to come for Takis’ food.


Takis couldn’t live with the fact that people kept on dumping their dogs in that place. The place was not good for the animals and he knew he had to do something.

This made Takis decide to sell his nightclub and he used the money from that to purchase some land. That piece of land was where he put up a shelter for the stray dogs.

Soon, Takis realized that he already saved 300 dogs. He took all of the responsibility with no one to help him care for them. But Takis was having trouble as doing this was getting expensive. He was already thinking of stopping his mission, shelling the shelter and using the money for something else.

But fate had plans for him. Takis’ mission became known and people were inspired to help out. Soon, Takis received donations – food, toys, and money – which would help Takis and his goals.

With all of the help that Takis was receiving, he was able to push on with his goals and he has been able to help many, many dogs. Aside from the 300 dogs, he has taken in more stray dogs as well as stray cats.

Source: The Dodo



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