Labrador Decides To Feed Herself With One Of The Cakes Included In Baking Contest
annmariephotography (CC0), Pixabay

Crafty Dog Steals A Cake!

Dogs can never seem to satisfy their appetites. They will eat just about anything. And most of the time, when food is unattended and the dog is able to have access, they would go and help themselves to that.

The Warkworth Show is an annual event and was recently held at Warkworth Castle, which is in Northumberland, England. This event shows off the rich history of the community, as well as its traditions. There are also tours of the beautiful castle.

A dog chose to be part of the show but in a different way. She chose the baking competition to make her presence known.

The baking contest is also done yearly. But the event this year was quite remarkable. See, the dog saw the tempting cakes that were waiting to be judged. She fancied one of them and she was able to get away with a few bites.

When it was time for judging, the staff, as well as the judges, were surprised when they saw that only half of the cake was left behind. The dog surely had enjoyed the cake!


No Witnesses, But Clues Left Behind

From the way it looks, the people in the event were all busy trying to prepare and make sure that everything was ready for the judging and the remaining parts of the event.

They were so focused on what they were doing, that they didn’t even notice that the dog had sneaked right in and enjoyed a huge piece of one of the cakes.

There were no witnesses to point fingers and tell them who really did it. But the guilty party wasn’t careful enough, because she left clues that pointed the way to her. There were pawprints that contained mud and these were found on the white tablecloth!

The cake didn’t win the contest, but as for the dog – well, she had already chosen it as her winner!

Source: Claudia Conway


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