Dog And Cat Neighbors Become Best Friends

Cricket And Mo Are Best Friends

Do you remember during your childhood when the other kid next door came out and asked you to play? We got excited whenever our friends came over our house. It’s the same with a dog named Cricket and a cat named Mo.

Despite being a cat and a dog, Cricket and Mo are best friends. Cricket and Mo spend a lot of time together, and they always get excited whenever they get to go outside and play.

They are like us when we were kids when our friends came over to ask us out to play.

Whenever Cricket’s mom lets her outside the yard, Mo hears it and will drop everything just to go over Cricket’s yard to spend time with his best friend.

It’s an adorable friendship, and Cricket and Mo’s human parents are delighted to see how the two interact.

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They Hang Out In The Yard And Cuddle

The unlikely friendship started during Cricket’s regular walks with her mom. Cricket’s mom noticed that whenever she took Cricket out for a walk, Mo would show up from nowhere.

He would jump out from other people’s yards or run across the street to say hello to Cricket.

Eventually, Mo started hanging out at Cricket’s porch. He would wait patiently for Cricket to be let out by her mom. Cricket is also a sweet dog who would follow Mo around. They would chase each other and play all day if they could.

There are also times when the two best friends would groom each other or just hang out in the yard and cuddle. Mo even gets to come inside Cricket’s home and would go straight to Cricket’s food bowl.

Cricket and Mo are proof that even cats and dogs can get along.

These two best friends always look out for each other, and they genuinely love being with each other.

Here’s an adorable video of this unlikely friendship.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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