Friendship between dog and giraffe
Hunter the dog befriends Jazz the giraffe

This is the incredible story of a very unexpected friendship between a guard dog called Hunter and a baby giraffe called Jazz:


Rhino Orphanage Takes In Baby Giraffe

The Rhino Orphanage was established to take in baby rhinos who were left orphaned because of the relentless poaching in South Africa. The said organization started in 2012 and is rescuing almost 1,000 animals every year.

Although their main goal is to take in orphaned rhinos, the organization also helps other baby animals in need. An abandoned baby giraffe named Jazz was one of their orphans.

Friendship between dog and giraffe
Hunter the dog befriends Jazz the giraffe

The Young Giraffe Calf Was Weak And Dehydrated

A landlord surrendered Jazz to the volunteers after he saw the motherless giraffe on his property. The young calf, which was just about two to three days old, was very weak and dehydrated.

The landlord had no idea why a baby giraffe was on his property, and why Jazz didn’t have his mommy with him. They were all hoping that he was just dehydrated and had no other health issues.


Getting Jazz To Eat Was A Challenge

They immediately brought the calf to an animal clinic so he could get the necessary medical attention. The first few days were rough, but Jazz recovered pretty quickly.

The challenge was getting Jazz to eat, since baby giraffes don’t like being fed through a bottle. However, the volunteers came up with an idea to help them go through this ordeal.


Hunter The Guard Dog Takes A Shine To Jazz!

Hunter, a Belgian Malinois, and the organization’s resident guard dog, immediately fell in love with Jazz. He became very protective of the calf. He wouldn’t even let his brother Duke enter the room to see Jazz.

The pup always makes sure that Jazz is comfortable and happy. Hunter is very concerned about the calf whenever he refuses to eat, so he makes sure to keep him company.


Great News! Jazz Is On The Mend!

And sure enough, it works — Jazz would then proceed on drinking his milk and eating his food.

Jazz has already gained weight and has gotten his appetite back. And thanks to Hunter’s presence, this little calf is going to be a stronger giraffe when he grows up!

This was certainly an unexpected friendship between Hunter the dog and Jazz the giraffe! Long may it continue!

Check out this duo’s unusual bond in the video below!

Video credit: Youtube CGTN


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