Friendly Dog Helps A Kitten Up The Stairs

Friendly German Shepherd Dog Helps A Kitten Up The Stairs

What do we expect from friendship? Of course, we expect camaraderie and goodwill. We expect help to be there when help is needed, and we vow to extend help, too, if given a chance to do so.

If a friendship lacks the things mentioned above, then it’s probably not friendship at all. It’s most likely something more shallow, like casually knowing a person and casually being in their lives for reasons beyond your control.

And what reasons could there be?

Maybe working at the same place, or being in the same circle of acquaintances. Either way, it’s a no-expectations territory.

Our featured video is far from a no-expectations territory of relationships. It’s about good old friendship. Or at least a budding one. This budding friendship is between a big German Shepherd and one cute and helpless kitten.

Wondering how this friendship will blossom? Watch the video below.

Friendly Dog Helps A Kitten Up The Stairs – Video courtesy of DailyPicksandFlicks on YouTube

Tennyson Shows How Kind He Really Is

In the video, we meet the German Shepherd, Tennyson. The dog is climbing up a flight of stairs with his new housemate, a small rescue cat. Tennyson notices that the kitten is having a hard time navigating the flight of stairs.

Halfway up the flight of stairs, the kitten stops. It seems to be catching its breath. We assume little kitty’s quite tired.

Tennyson rightfully assumes the same. So our kind dog thinks about how he might help his new friend. After moments of self-reflection, Tennyson decides to bring the kitten up the stairs by holding it in his mouth.

Yes, Tennyson is not only kind and helpful, but he’s quite ingenious as well.

Canine Basket

Knowing he does not have fingers and opposable thumbs to carry the kitten up the stairs, he figures out he’s got a big enough mouth he can use as a sort of canine basket.

In this way, Tennyson, the friendly German Shepherd dog, helps a kitten up the stairs.

Surely a beautiful bond develops between Tennyson and his new feline housemate. After all, that’s how friendships blossom.

Thanks to DailyPicksAndFlicks

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